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I am unable to do whenever I try to erase temporary files by going through this process-

Run>%temp%>Delete files. Cannot delete ~DF7D6F.tmp. Access denied

I tried it quite a few times to delete but in vain.

Please suggest.


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I have made my wifi connection password free. I did this because when I set up a password the router doesn't work. So is there a way to set security without a password? Urgent please help?

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How can I secure my Pen Drive from catching viruses when inserting to other computer? It always shows threats when using it on other machine. What software would you recommend to secure my Pen Drive from virus?

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I have another problem, every time my desktop loads and all the icons are starting to appear, all the processes in the system tray are loading. There is always a pop up message that says about “eksplorasi.exe” and “Global.exe”.

You think it’s a virus again?

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Okay, so I tried solving my problems personally as read somewhere that I have to scan and clean my computer through an antivirus which I did and after some time it showed some viruses are living inside my unit.

But the antivirus took care for them so it’s all good.

But then when I want to remove some installed programs I noticed that the Control Panel is missing! I tried looking for it but there is a pop up message.

Restrictions: This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.

Please contact your system administrator.

So that means my unit is still infected?

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Hi guys!

I have another problem that I’m hoping you guys can help me with. Aside from the fact that my PC is slow, I can’t use the regedit, task manager and search button. I have no idea why I can’t access them, it says “The task Manager has been disabled by the Administrator” and it is also the same message with the regedit. As for the Search button I can’t find them.

Please help!

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Hi experts . I have a question .I use facebook .I think it is not safe .I feel many problem by it .Please tell me the way of how to Stay Safe on Social Networking site .I am waiting for your answer . Thank you

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Am using Quick Heal anti-virus software in my PC. 

Whenever i install a software / hardware am getting an error message saying that the Trojan virus is detected and it has been repaired. 

I have encountered this issue so often particularly when am installing any new software or hardware into my PC. 

Let me know how to remove this in future?


Quick Heal

Detected: TrojanDownloader.Horst.bc.in

C:Documents and SettingsPush…nfs_inst.exe

File was repaired

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I am suffering from a problem that the programs in my computer are displaying more and more times if I access any one of a folder in my hard drive and eventually my Taskbar fills with many 'My computer' windows. Would you educate me what is the problem that I am facing and how can I get free from this problem?

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I have a problem with "Recycler" and "Trash-1000".

These two kinds of folders are spread in every drive and when I delete them they normally got deleted but after a while they automatically get restored.

Are  these viruses and how can I get rid of this problem?

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