How to Stay Safe on Social Networking site

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Hi experts . I have a question .I use facebook .I think it is not safe .I feel many problem by it .Please tell me the way of how to Stay Safe on Social Networking site .I am waiting for your answer . Thank you

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How to Stay Safe on Social Networking site


If you want yourself to be protected from Networking sites malfunction then you must follow some things strictly and those are:

Don't post any personal Information: Try and avoid posting you personal information like contact number,address.

Read Privacy policy: Some sites may provide you information to other companies thus resulting in spam mails.

Check authenticity: Before you add any stranger check peoples  profile thoroughly and if you find anything suspicious then don't just add him unless you know that person

Avoid posting personal Photos: some peoples may exploit you photos so try and make sure that you add less personal photos in profile album and even if you put them apply “private “ tag so that limited users can see it.

Avoid clicking on any random link: Recently many Malware attacked Facebook and sent link to every profile automatically which created chaos and irritation among  millions of users so avoid clicking any random link.

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How to Stay Safe on Social Networking site



Yes, facebook like any other social networking is not safe. There are viruses that are being spread around facebook. They come as a link that entices you to click on them. Immediately you click on that link, the same link will replicate itself and be posted in all friends chat box and they will be left wondering why you have decided to transmit viruses to their account when indeed you did not have the intention to do that. Just avoid them. Also change your password regularly for the safety of your account, use a strong password-mix numbers and alphanumeric.

Also avoid posting personal information and pictures that someone with bad intentions may use against you.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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