MS Word

MS Word

I am using Microsoft Office for my studies and researches. I am currently using 2003 version but since the documents now in ms-word won't open on ms-office 2007 because they have different extensions, I decided to upgrade my office.

But after installing MS Office 2007 and open a document, an error at the bottom of MS-Word 2007 stating "This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked." I opened a file but it cannot be edited. 

And when I try to paste something on my doc there is an error that says,

lock page

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Is there someone who can find the problem? I was making an essay of an article. I used MS WORD 2003 when I created the document. My document was really creative because I made some creative stuff in the there to make it presentable to the instructor when I pass the file.

When I used the computer of my classmate I noticed that she using MS WORD 2010 and when I open the file the error message prompted on the screen and says "cannot open file. doc". I tried it again but still nothing works? Is it possible that MS WORD 2003 to MS WORD 2010 are not compatible? It used WINDOWS XP in MS Word 2003 and WINDOWS 07 for MS WORD 2010. Looking forward to your answer guys.

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Hi there,

I have got installed MS windows vista on my PC and I am having an issue with it while trying to send the fax.

The issue is, I have made a MS word 2003 file (commanding) go FILE > SENDTO > FAX, and it follows the wizard but at least when the wizard ends, the FAX has not been started to send.

Mean, whenever I start the FAX sending wizard from a word in Window Vista, the wizard starts and then ends without sending the Fax. I am very disturbed due to this issue and have tried almost everything (which I know) but no use.

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Hi All,

Back with another question. Expecting your help.

When i am trying to install Office 2003 professional edition get the below error. I am not running in safe mode i am sure.

The package is working and i am sure.

Any views guys.

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

Error 1719. The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.


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I have a set of images in JPG format. I have Microsoft Office installed. I need to extract the text off the JPG files. How do I do this?

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I am feeling very happy to see this, very informative and valuable site. I have read nearly about 50 questions and implemented the solutions. It’s very helpful for me to work and understand the computer on hardware and software both levels.

All experts have done very appreciative work. I also have a question and want the solution. I want to print a document in booklet form, in Office 2007.

Guide me through, so that I can get the desired result.

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I am using Microsoft Office and I noticed a printer called "MDI Printer". When I choose it as the printer, it creates a file with the extension of MDI. What is it actually?

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I need to email a word document to a client. I also have an excel file that I need to send as well. I would like to place the excel file in a specific chapter within the word file so that the client only has to open it if required. Can someone guide me on how to do this with Microsoft Word?

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I recently installed and started using Microsoft Word. I love it that it automatically highlights spelling errors. But I noticed that it is completely ignoring any word that is typed in upper case lettering.

For example if I have a sentence in capitals as a heading, the spell checker completely ignores it. I am not that proficient in using this software. I want to make Microsoft Word check the spellings of uppercase letters. How can I get around this?

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I am working on my assignment in ms word.

I have checked all the options given but i can't add flow charts. In MS Excel its very easy to add flow chart but I can't import that also.

Here I need to add flow chart according to the data given.

How can I add,

Please help me

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