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MS Word

Hi Techyv users,

I will need your help with Microsoft Word. I am the type of person, who wants to be really, really organized and in connection to this, I want my being organized to save time while  doing my work.

Here is my problem. I am used to working with Microsoft Word 2003, which is really user friendly. In short, it is really easy to find out. Now, our company just upgraded to Microsoft Word 2007 and it is quite a bit hard to work on.

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I'm a college student and a part time writer for a small community in campus. We use a desktop with Windows 7 installed with office software Microsoft Office 2007 configured in it. Unfortunately there are no printers connected to the desktop since the old one is broken, which is Canon Bubbe Jet 400 if I'm not mistaken, and the we're waiting confirmed approval for the new one, which is HP Officejet F2600 I think.

I've created a reporting piece on the desktop using Word 2007 and tried using a computer off campus ( cyber cafe to be exact ) unfortunately they different Office version installed in the desktop.

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Most of the word files I am receiving right now are from Microsoft Office Word 2007 that has .docx or .docm extension. I only have Microsoft Office Word 2003 on my pc that is why I’m unable to open them. I don’t want to upgrade yet to Office 2007 because Office 2003 is still working for me.

There might be a simple program that I can install so I will be able to view Word 2007 documents. Upgrading will be costly I think. It would be of great help if you can suggest one for me to install for free.

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I work as secretary in a government institution and have lots of clerical work to be done within the day. This problem occurs just yesterday when I used the MS WORD 2007. When i started to hit the key on the keyboard, the letters on the MS WORD is not functioning and it's says an error link as what you have seen below:

This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked

This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked.

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I want to know how to convert a word document to a pdf file for free. Someone in the office used software to do the conversion but we have to pay to download that software.

I’ve heard that some people are able to convert for free. I am using Word 2007. It will make my job easier if I would be able to find free software to do it because I will be using it all the time. I am excited to know your suggestions. Also, I’m using windows 7 Starter at home and windows xp in the office.

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I have a little computer training Centre and recently, I got some completely novice students. As I leave them alone with the PC sometimes, they tend to explore new things about the computer.

Recently I found out that  my "MS Word" is missing its toolbars. e. g:(bold,italic,center, align. etc). How can i get the toolbars back? as it is a really essential one.

Anyone help me please.

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I am using Microsoft Office 2010. Recently I started having a problem with MS Word. It won't start. I tried reinstalling but it didn't work. Other office applications are working fine. It's only MS Word which is giving trouble.

Can anyone please help me?

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I am not very highly skilled when dealing with Microsoft Office. I basically only know that you type in the text box and it makes a list in excel. Someday, I wish to take a course over Microsoft Office, but right now I have a job to design a book cover for an EBook. The project is most of the way finished, and it has to be printed shortly to be delivered to the client. To finish the cover, I need a full screen shot of someone creating text using the mirror style word art. I did have a screen shot already, but it is too difficult. I need an easier one.

1. On the ribbon at the top, click insert and then word art.

2. When you are in the word art gallery, choose the style that is most like the effect you want.

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I have this experience when I borrowed the laptop from my brother 3 days ago. I am viewing some of our family pictures then accidentally I deleted one of his MS word files. I already tried pressing Ctrl+Z (Undo) but the file didn't appear at all. He got mad at me because he said that it is so important, it is one of his reports of his work.

I really wish to recover his file, but I don't know how.

Is it hard to recover that MS word file that I accidentally deleted?

Can you tell me how?

I would really appreciate it if someone would help me too bad he's not talking to me until now.

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I am a new Microsoft office user. I just started working with Microsoft Word. I can type first. But problem is functions. I can do functions or operation with shortcuts. I want to keep all the shortcuts in one file, to always remember it. But I am not able to find all the shortcuts. Can anyone post useful shortcuts of Microsoft Word for me?

This will be a great favor to me.

Please anyone do it for me.

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