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Can anyone help me? I have nokia c5-00 i want to switch off the sound of camera when ever i take a picture it give me a sound which i don't want.  Kindly solve my problem.

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I have been using my laptop for a couple of years and so I decided to buy my own external hard drive so that I can save my files there and save some space in my laptop. However, just recently I bought a new PC. I have important files in my external portable hard drive which I want to use in my PC.

When I plugged my external hard drive to my PC, it was asking me to reformat it. I was just scared that it might have been destroyed so I didn't reformat it and tried to use it in my laptop.

Luckily, when I plugged my portable hard drive to my laptop it was working well.

What should I do so that I can also use my portable hard drive to my PC?

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I have a problem with my digital cam memory card, I tried to use different kind of memory card readers and PC but still I can't open my files on it. I suspect that the card is crashed. Is there any solution for this? Need your help friends.

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I am using Nokia 5130. I got some songs into my memory card and then i plugged it into my phone device. But when I refreshed my music list I got the old songs back. Here comes nothing. I have checked everything but everything is okay except this.
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Hey I have a question. I recently bought a 128mb64 bit 8x speed video card for my PC in which earlier I was using a 64mb card. Well my problem is that after installing the new card my PC gets stuck while playing games like command and conquer generals. I think it is related to the video card because earlier I didn’t have such problem with my old one.

Between I have a Pentium3 650mhz computer (an old and reliable system) and the cards I am talking about, both go into the onboard 2x agp slot.

Also the PC gets stuck mostly in games not in programs.

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I need to use internet in a Wi-Fi hotspot but it keeps getting the error "Server not found" whenever I try to browse.

Please help? Thank you!

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I have a DSLR camera that uses an SD card to save my pictures into.So, I went to take pictures. I took alot of them pictures and of course I got good results, though I have to say that I am still a newbie.

Yesterday, I have to take the SD card out of my camera to do my routine maintenance checks. Everything went fine. I reinserted the card to the camera only to find out that the CARD is LOCKED!  Suddenly I cannot take any pictures anymore. It is always saying that the card is LOCKED!Please help me unlock it?

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What is the difference between a DDR2 and a DDR3 memory card and can it be used interchangeably from one platform to another?


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