Nokia 5130 Error on refreshing music

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I am using Nokia 5130. I got some songs into my memory card and then i plugged it into my phone device. But when I refreshed my music list I got the old songs back. Here comes nothing. I have checked everything but everything is okay except this.
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Nokia 5130 Error on refreshing music

The Nokia 5130 is somewhat a great phone for the XpressMusic series that Nokia distribute. It was first released in February 2009, it supports 2G network or GSM.
The main feature of this cell phone is the music player, it supports different kinds of file formats for the music like MP3, AAC+, and WMA. This music player has a built in skins or themes that you can have, you can choose among the four default themes.
It also has a 5-band equalizer that lets you customize how the sound will be produced. A standard 3.5 mm earphone jack is provided so that you can use any earphone or head phone that has 3.5 mm size which is very common among ear/head phones.
It has also a built-in FM radio that supports stereo reception and you can store up to 20 FM stations to your phone memory. It has a strong signal receiver that can catch all radio stations available at your current location.
When transferring music to your Nokia 5130, it is much faster when you use a card reader rather than connecting your phone directly to computer. This is very useful if you are transferring large amount of music to your phone. But it is much safer when you use "Nokia pc suite" when transferring any files to your phone.
When experiencing problems, when transferring music to your memory card or when some songs are unable to detect by your phone, I suggest that you format your memory card to fix this issue.
To format your memory card:
  1. Backup all the contents of your memory card in your computer by manually copying all the files in your memory card including hidden files. To copy the files including hidden objects, press ctrl+a press OK when prompted to copy hidden files.
  2. After backup, format your memory card by using your handset, do not attempt to format your memory card by using the card reader and formatting it on your computer it might corrupt your memory card.
  3. Restore backup files from your computer. Copy new songs again and see if it now shows recently added songs.
Another way to solve this issue it to format your Nokia phone or the hard reset. But before doing hard reset, try to restore first the .ini files of your handset. Press the key code *7780# if prompted by your security code then enter the numbers. If you have not yet set the security code for your phone then the default number is 1234.
To do the hardest on your Nokia phone, follow the instructions below. This will erase all the data in your phone memory including the contacts if you have saved them to phone memory, the installed applications and your settings. So I suggest backup again all the data on your phone memory.

1. Turn Off the handset.

2. Press and hold the no. 3 key, green dial key and the star key simultaneously. See the image below.

The Nokia 5130 is somewhat a great phone for the XpressMusic series

3. Power on your Nokia phone without letting go of the other keys. So, some skills are required in doing this.

4. Do not let go until you see the Nokia logo.

Another alternative way is to update your Nokia 5130 firmware. The firmware is like an operating system that is needed to make the phone functional. Follow the steps below.
  1. Download and install the Nokia Software Updater. You can get it from Nokia web site or through the CD that is included with your handset. If out dated then update it manually.
  2. Press *#0000# on your handset. It will display the version of firmware that your phone is running. Jot it down.
  3. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable. Make sure you have an active internet connection.
  4. Double click the shortcut icon of Nokia Software Updater on your desktop.
  5. Follow the on screen prompts. It will detect your handset and the firmware version of it. If the firmware it detects is newer than you current firmware, then conduct an update. Do not unplug the USB cable while on the process of updating it may corrupt your handset. Wait until the whole process is completed. This should now fix the issue.
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Nokia 5130 Error on refreshing music


I got the same problem in my memory card after few days of use and then I replaced it with a new one in my case, because it was in warranty with my mobile.

So it was easy to replace but in your case it looks like you have no warranty on your device so you can solve this problem by formatting your card and then reinstalling all files required. This way you can solve your problem.

Also try another card in your mobile and see what happens when you use a new one. Is it working fine now or are you getting the same problem? In this case you need to check your mobile device also and make sure it is error free.
If you have some anti virus installed, then run a full scan to your drive and may be it is a virus error and also try your card on another mobile and see if it is working fine. I hope you will now be able to solve your problem.

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