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I am a windows novice, its not that i am slow to learn or something but it is because i find windows too simple to use and belong to the douche. Since it autoruns everything that it detects and currently caused my computer to freeze severally, due to spam and viruses .This has made me totally divorce the windows thing and since i'm a linux professional i have decided to divorce windows operating system completely.

i want to dual boot ubuntu ultimate 10.4 and fedora and i am wondering whether they will both share the logical partitions required for their installations, especially the root, boot and home partitions. i know that  i sound so geekish , but for those who get what i mean i really need your help since the whole windows thing sucks  and got me wishing another version was never released. For those who don't  understand, what the hell i am talking about welcome to the open source world where everything is free and can be manipulated anyway you want.You can even  make it  for your own trademark and virus as in you don't need to install any anti virus or any of those crap meant to protect your computer from the "virus" thing.


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Good day Peter12.

I'm glad to know that you are a Linux user too. I am a Linux user also, and I'll be happy to assist you with your problem.
If you want to have dual boot on both your Linux system, then that would be possible. The key software here is a boot loader.
There are two popular boot loader that I can recommend you. GRUB and LILO.
And between the two, I recommend GRUB. You can download it here GRUB
Or you can insert the Ubuntu installation CD/DVD. Included therein are the GRUB installation option.
One option here is to install Ubuntu, then during the process of the installation install GRUB.
Then install Fedora.
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Hi Peter,

  • There's a user friendly Virtual OS loader Called Virtual box. You can download it here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
  • All you have to do is to download an ISO of Ubuntu and Fedora and mount it using VirtualBox, you can easily download it on the net just search on Google.
  • Don't worry about partitioning because there's a simple to use and self explanatory wizard provided by virtual box.
  • One thing great about this software is that it compresses the configuration as well as the services etc of the OS into a single file, You can always delete it when you want to.

Nuff said. Have fun using it



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