Some error trashed my iPhoto folder and I am trying to replace it. But I cannot recover it and possibly will have to fill a new iPhoto file. Where can I find a CD of iPhoto to reload??

I need to copy of an iPhoto 6.0.6 file (with pics) from a MAC Book Operating System 10.4 to a MAC Book OS 10.5.8.

I need some information about this. Please help.



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I am using ‘iPhone 4S’ and I need to use the ‘iCloud’ option. But it demands ‘iphoto 9.2’ in the ‘MacBook’.

I am currently using ‘iPhoto 11 9.1.1’. When I was trying to update it, I have always failed miserably as it is not applied to the system.

Please help me to get out of this problem.

I will be thankful for all the help and support.

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I was communicating with my dad via iMessage, but later on it seems that some were being sent as text messages.  Can I force iMessage exclusively for him?

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Hello Greetings,

I've loaded pix onto every page but when I press the BUY BOOK button, I get this message:
"Your book seems to have frames on one or more pages that do not contain photos. You must either change the layout of those pages or place photos in those frames before you can buy this book."
What to do??
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I have a Nikon camera and have used the voice memo feature. On a number of photos pertaining to research work, I have done. Being new to iPhoto, I'm unable to find how to play back, or if iPhoto supports, the voice memo feature that is on my camera.

I would appreciate any help available.

Thank you!

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Has anyone had any success with ePrint, when email is sent from within Apple's iPhoto?

I have a Photosmart Plus, B209 model. Printer Status in HP ePrint center is ready & connected.

Sending email with photo attached from the gmail web interface, works as expected.

Sending the same photo, from within iPhoto using the "Share via email" function and using the same Gmail account, results in job failure with the remarkably unhelpful error, "system failure" reported on the Job Status screen, in the ePrint center.

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I recently bought a MacBook Pro. Whenever, I transfer my pictures from my digital camera to my MacBook, I always see the places tagged in the pictures.

I want to disable this feature. Can anyone tell me how to get this done? Thanks Techyv.

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