Apple’s iPhoto:System Failure Error while sending photo

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Has anyone had any success with ePrint, when email is sent from within Apple's iPhoto?

I have a Photosmart Plus, B209 model. Printer Status in HP ePrint center is ready & connected.

Sending email with photo attached from the gmail web interface, works as expected.

Sending the same photo, from within iPhoto using the "Share via email" function and using the same Gmail account, results in job failure with the remarkably unhelpful error, "system failure" reported on the Job Status screen, in the ePrint center.

Any suggestions or any known issues would be appreciated. Search of forum doesn't show any threads referencing iPhoto specifically, although some reporting issues with various mail clients are not working.

I hope I've come to the right place with my issue.


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Apple’s iPhoto:System Failure Error while sending photo



First try to minimize your applications, which are a heavy load on your iPhone. Free up space in memory for iPhoto, otherwise you can try to rebuild your permissions, thumbnails or rebuild the whole iPhoto library.

This might work to solve your problem.

To rebuild your iPhoto library, try to boot it with some external device or fix it by itself, you can use iPhoto extractor.

Launch the iPhoto, when you are pressing the buttons "option” and "command"

Hope this works.

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Apple’s iPhoto:System Failure Error while sending photo


The All-in-One HP Photo-Smart Plus printer series B209, have great features and functionality. You can print quality photos, scan photos that are compatible with Touch Smart screen like iPhone, so you can use it without a computer.

When you are using this kind of printer with ePrint, through iPhoto you will have a system failure. If you are having a printer using the HP’s ePrint or AirPrint you’ll just have to use the iPrint for printing solution. You must download the HP iPrint software and then print using your mobile device.

Follow the guide below to download the freeware iPrint of HP.

1st To download iPrint you can choose either of these two methods.

  • Using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  1. Open the Apps Store on your device.
  2. On the “Search Field” of the Apps Store, search the software by typing HP iPrint Photo.
  3. Touch the HP iPrint Photo software and then install it.
  4. Provide the iTunes information for your account if necessary.
  • Install the software by using iTunes on your computer.
  1. Launch the iTunes on your PC.
  2. Open the iTunes Store by clicking it on the right pane.
  3. On the “Search Field” of the Apps Store, search the software by typing HP iPrint Photo and pressing enter.
  4. Locate the HP iPrint Photo and click Get App, to start downloading.
  5. If necessary provide the iTunes account information.
  6. When completed, connect your device to the computer.
  7. Synchronize your device by selecting it on the left pane.


  • To print using your mobile device
  1. Have your mobile device connected to your local wireless network.
  2. Select your HP printer on your mobile device and then click the print on it. To select the printer just click the printer icon on the upper right of the screen. HP iPrint can auto identify what HP printer is connected on your network.
  3. Select the Photo Albums and the Photo Library.
  4. Select the Print button. It can print PDF file, text file, jpeg, bitmap, or png on your mobile device.
  • Ways to edit your photo.
  1. To make the image smaller just pinch it close, to make it larger pinch it open,
  2. Have it on the preview page by dragging the image to the location.
  3. Put your fingers on the photo to make them rotate when on the preview page.

If you want to know more about your HP iPhoto, you can visit this site.

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