Recovery of Trashed iPhoto file

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Some error trashed my iPhoto folder and I am trying to replace it. But I cannot recover it and possibly will have to fill a new iPhoto file. Where can I find a CD of iPhoto to reload??

I need to copy of an iPhoto 6.0.6 file (with pics) from a MAC Book Operating System 10.4 to a MAC Book OS 10.5.8.

I need some information about this. Please help.



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Recovery of Trashed iPhoto file



If you have the original photo file, either on a CD or on your computer, just import it again into iPhoto. If you don't have the original photo, or you are trying to find an edited version, than try this way

Click your computer's Trash icon (not iPhoto Trash) and see if the photo is still in there.

Do a search.

To search within the iPhoto Library folder, open your Pictures folder and then open your iPhoto Library folder. From there, click Command-F, choose Images from the Any pop-up menu, and enter a search term.

To search all your files and folders, in the Finder, choose File –> Find and enter a search term.

NOTE: When you find the photo file, don't drag it directly into the iPhoto Library folder. Save it to your desktop, then import it back into iPhoto from there.

If you don't know the file name, try going back to the original iPhoto Library folder and look at the other images. If one is missing in a numerical order, it may be the photo you're looking for and you can search for it. If that doesn't work, try searching on the date you think you moved the file, or the date you last edited it.

You can find iphoto download from this link

To copy of an iPhoto 6.0.6 file (with pics) from a MAC Book Operating System 10.4 to a MAC Book OS 10.5.8 all you have to do is first install iphoto in your MAC Book OS 10.5.8 using the above link, than connect your both systems using your Bluetooth network, transfer photos from MAC 10.4 iphotos to MAC 10.5.8 iphotos through this Bluetooth network, there you go,  you are done with your work. 

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Recovery of Trashed iPhoto file



Following steps surely help you–
1. Firstly you have to select Trash  from list appears along the left side of the iPhoto window.
2. For restoring,please select that photo.
3. Than click  restore to restore photo into photo library.
By dragging  the item out of the Trash you can also restore to Photo Library 
By using  Time Machine you can recover a photo, Event, folder, album.
For restore photos follow following procedure–
1. Quit iPhoto, 
2. Open the folder containing your iPhoto library, and  after that open Time Machine.

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