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HTTP Sharing

HTTP Sharing


I have sent many times test mails for checking server’s connectivity and it works always . But the last time when I sent a test mail after setting up the server, I received this error as in the above image. I have checked well the ever settings there’s nothing that I see missed but still it gives the error.

To get this solved ,I re-installed the server and reset its settings, but again when I sent an test mail it gave the same error again. Now I am a bit confused here, that why is that happening when there is no problem with the server or its settings.

If anyone of you have been ever through this type of error and have got it solved ,then please share your experience with me, so I can get out of this problem.

Thank you!

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All mailers, I have a task for you, but your order bass on my side.

As you can see the error in the picture, which I'm facing an error while sending email through outlook although my email address is valid, and I have confirmed that I already sent an email to the same email through another mail service address and it worked, but you cannot imagine you do not the case here.

The error message says to check the event viewer for more details of the error. When I checked the event viewer, it showed a message as email values is not valid, but I don't understand what you meant by 'values'. You attempted to send mail to another address that one was sent, but I don't know why not sent to this address.

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Hi Its Jennie here,

Hopping to get some help on an issue of sending mails via other then company services.

I as a client, when try to send email ,I am asked after entering the email address and my message to enter server name and then to select mail protocol I enter all information correctly.  But when I select MAPI and click next it responds back with the a message that you can see in the image.

I don’t understand that why is this configuration not getting done.  I mean I contacted my admin and asked him to sort this issue out and he said that its all well at this side and he has enabled MAPI, then why do I get this issue on my side.

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There is a new " height and width " form Attribute in HTML 5.0 version. Can anybody please give me that code and an example?

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