FORTRAN runtime error occurred file ‘input1.txt’ does not exist

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Hi professionals,

Could you help me in this issue?

I have installed Windows 7 64 bit version in my PC. I’ve a good experience with FORTRAN as far as DOS is considered. I need use Simply Fortran, Is there any manual or tutorial that I can use?
I have been able to compile. But Simply Fortran does not recognize my data files when I attempt to run my program. I get an error message stating: "FORTRAN runtime error: File 'input1.txt' does not exist. Press any key to continue. ”
Could anyone suggest any answer? I’m waiting to get a response from your side. Thanks a lot in Advance.
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FORTRAN runtime error occurred file ‘input1.txt’ does not exist



I wonder whether you have Windows 7 on your machine or Fortran? If you have just installed Fortran and are new to it then I'd recommend going through the tutorials before you start to compile your code because it will really help you to put the basics in place before you move on to compiling and running the code. You can visit the following link from Stanford university and go over a basic Fortran tutorial which will help.



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