Embedded Hardware

Embedded Hardware

I have a softank 920sc phone. I bought it & use it from Japan. But after I came to my country it doesn't work. I searched through the internet to unlock code for that phone. But I couldn't find it.

If anyone knows that Please let me know. 

Thank you.

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My Nokia N71 does not connect to my laptop via Bluetooth. It even searches for it and discovers it, but can’t get connected to the laptop.

Other phones connect well with it and data can be transferred to and fro.

Since I want to backup my phone data, I’ve tried to connect it via data cable but the issue remains and I can’t get the data through to the laptop.

Is it an issue with my phone device or laptop? 

Is there another way around to over come the problem?

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I just have a few technical questions regarding Windows Embedded systems. Whenever I go to the arcade,  sometimes see newer games (2005 and on) booting up on Windows. I've read online that they use Windows XP Embedded or Windows Standard Embedded 2009.

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Hello members,

I got a problem with my system's CPU fan recently. It stopped to increase its RPM when under load . So, I can't use my system for heavy duty works which is obviously a big problem for me.Because, my system is getting too hot when I use it for heavy duty works. It actually occurred after I upgraded my video card to a GTS 450 from the old video card (8800gt).

Kindly, help me in this. Thanks.

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