Windows XP Embedded systems 2009

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I just have a few technical questions regarding Windows Embedded systems. Whenever I go to the arcade,  sometimes see newer games (2005 and on) booting up on Windows. I've read online that they use Windows XP Embedded or Windows Standard Embedded 2009.

  1. What is the advantage of using this "embedded" software versus just booting the game on the full version of Windows XP?
  2. What would theoretically happen if arcade games used the full version?
  3. Would the arcade system board require more memory?
  4. Most home users (or all) play games on their PC (or Mac) through the full OS, and the games boot and work fine. So, what is really the purpose of Windows Embedded software for use in arcade games and other devices?


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Windows XP Embedded systems 2009



Windows XP embedded gives a super set of features to embedded devices. The main different between windows XP professional and Windows XP embedded is that the windows XP embedded is  made for specially support  for  embedded devices and their manufactures.Windows XP embedded is differ from  XP professional by below reasons.

Manage Runtime images.

It providing the ability to manage your "Run Time Images"

Protect disk volumes.

Embedded devices always need to protect from improper disk write operations. XP embedded provides "Enhanced Write Filter" (EWF) as  answer for this problem.

Boot and run an operating system  from a CD-ROM

Embedded OEMs can create a bootable CD-ROM when a "Run-Time Image" is ready to put.



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