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Displays / Monitors


I have a great problem with my mobile. I use Nokia C-07 and I bought it 6 months ago. Now the problem is one week ago, it started to get restarted and 2-3 days ago it doesn’t start at all. I have tried many times by removing battery, giving full charge etc. But got no result. What could be the problem and what is the solution?

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I'm using iPhone 3Gs for the last 7 months. Two days ago suddenly, when I opened my calculator icon, it was not working. I tried several times, but it frizzed and nothing was happening. I tried to restore, but still it's not working.

I used it very carefully, so no accident had occurred with my iPhone. I don't know what happened.

Please can someone help me?



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I have a Samsung old CRT monitor that I use as a second one to my primary LCD monitor. This setup has been working fine for the past 9 to 10 months but recently the CRT monitor has started flickering at odd times.

I searched the internet and found that it can be a VGA cable problem so I replaced that cable but that had no effect. I have tried everything from tightening up the VGA cable at both ends to checking and plugging in the power source tightly to the socket. Any help would be great as I love having two monitors and don’t want to spend more money on buying another one.

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Hi my question is related to my monitor BenQ FP767, problem is that it won’t turn on when I press the power button to start it, the LED blinks like every 3 seconds and then no activity what so ever. Although sometimes the LED blinks and you can see the desktop just for a small portion of a second but that doesn’t happen very often.

The reason why I have not scraped it until now is that sometimes it just turns on fine and works for hours until I shut it off. I hope someone can give me some idea as to what the problem is so that I can correct it and not lose more money on another monitor

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I am encountering a blue screen error on my laptop. Help me please. So badly need help on this error.

I was just working on something using my laptop the other day when suddenly my screen turned to blue.

The error message is "A problem has been detected, and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

It says to restart it, if this is the first time I've encountered it. I tried to restart it but eventually had encountered the blue screen error again.

It also mentioned to check if there were any new installations made to ensure that it was installed properly.

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My display is behaving weird for a few days. It sometimes has a blue tint over it and sometimes it's completely gone. The display is a Samsung 18.5 inch LCD. Any ideas?

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I just recently formatted my desktop. Right after installing the drivers for it and rebooting the computer the final time I got this message on my computer "Out of range". What can I do about this? Please help me. Thank you.

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