DB Reporting Tools

DB Reporting Tools

Hello Techyv buddies!

I have managed to create a database link successfully, and an item can be selected from the table in the remote database. However, when I start to describe a table on the remote database. (decs tablename@remotedb),

I end up receiving the following message:

“ORA-12663: Services required by the client not available

on the server.”

Can you tell me what could have caused this issue?

I would greatly appreciate the effort to solve this problem.

Thank you!

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I am using ProTools and want to convert my 96 kHz into 44.1, but it doesn't let me do so.

There is no issue when I am converting all other sample rates.

I have tried to verify the permission, restarted the computer and tried uninstalling/reinstalling the program and updating it. 

I have included the screenshot.

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I want to have nice reporting materials. i want it also to be done in less time. Time is gold. So,  I am looking for some reporting tools that can help me this. Can somebody suggest a nice reporting tool? Or any that can help me in making such nice reports.

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What is storage radio podcast ? Where exactly this can be used ? How this technology works ? Can we use this for our local systems ?

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I would like to know more about Samba Server and the purpose of using it. Also, please clarify whether it is compatible with Windows 7 or Linux and the process of creating a Samba Server connection in Windows 7.

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I installed the first domain controller allocating the root DC and we have already a domain name as some xyz.net and the domain provider is used in controlling the DNS settings like hosting.com and the process can be described as when anyone enters the address is also used in hosting the Domain name provider.

Later I made use of MS Exchange 2010 in the domain environment other than using the hosting company which is provided by using the mail service and it has many types of limitations so the main theme is that If I make use of xyz.net on root DC for FQDN then some necessary steps needed to be taken in eradicating this and even the site must be hosted if I no need the web server.

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Good day, and I have a problem working with Domain Controller in my own company as the problem is already present in the network. The functions made by primary DNS server, DHCP Server and active directory server with the help of the Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller.

This crash at the server has made a move to the exchange server which occurred at the Secondary DNS server and the active directory got crashed due to the replication from the primary DNS. So I decided to develop fresh Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller which now acts as the DNS Server of type primary and Active directory for my domain at the place of crash in primary DNS. So please provide me any solution in solving this query.

Thank You.

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Please advice what could have been wrong with my Prime Tool. I have installed the latest  version of Java already but it keeps on saying that I need to install the latest version of Java.

Anyone here who happen to have a similar experience before?

Where you able to fix it?

Please assist. Thank you.

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Can you guys tell me the platforms that LCDprocs support.

how much client can it handle in one display?

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Can somebody here give me a brief understanding about SNARE – System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting Environment?

I wanted to know its latest features, advantages and limitations.

Thank you.

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