DB Reporting Tools

DB Reporting Tools

I currently have to send an email to around 500 clients using Outlook 2002 which is the company’s default emailing program. However, I have a problem that persists during sending of the messages. The database program we are using keeps asking me whether I would like to permit it to send the email. Can you imagine having to do this for each and every email? That is around 500 times which is very annoying not to mention the amount of time spent doing it. Does anyone have an idea how to stop this madness?

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Hello.  Do you know the process of embedding data from JMP to a webpage?  I want to make my reporting easier and nice since I generate reports on a daily basis using script.  I saw a video which allows a person to view the most recent data being reported/plotted. Really appreciate a quick help on this.

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I have non-technical users who want to create their own reports (accountants, managers, etc). I don't know Crystal Reports, but based on what I can tell, it requires that you know a fair amount about how your database is structured and how to build queries. Is there a reporting tool out there that will let business users easily create their own reports? Maybe something that I can set up initially for them that shows data at a more abstract level, or something that runs on top of Crystal Reports?


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I was doing my case study and when I was about to print it, I got frustrated that I could only print a single copy at a time and I had to turn it off and on to print another one. I am using the Canon Images Class mf4270 s/cp/f. The trouble with this, is that the default setting is stuck to 2-sided printing. The field of Copy Setting default reads ''OFF'' for 2 – sided printing while the shortcut button constantly reads ''ON'', which means 2-sided printing is to be done.

I hope someone can help me out with this.

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