Ajax php database search demo

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I have been assigned for PHP web application Project I am also using Ajax scripting I want to search from few information about data. 

Which is already present in database by using index search if you have some script reference or have a script like this please share.

With and mail me as subject mention ajax PHP database search demo please guide.

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Ajax php database search demo


Well i found an amazing tutorial on how to make a PHP/Ajax live search the only problem is it doesn't tell me how to use MySQL rather xml documents which won't work for me. The tutorial https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_ajax_livesearch.asp

Basically all I'm asking is for a way to change the xml document to search for MySQL records, but i also want some special additions, titles for sections e.g. News or Members that are bold and  when click going to a search page with more results of that topic. And below them the proper results from the MySQL table to be shown e.g. for members it would show the members underneath in alphabetical order. 

I also want certain sections to only be searched if the user is logged in e.g. members but i think i can achieve this myself.

I also do not want it to do exact searches e.g. some live searches i have seen will give you hello only if you type in hello (hello minus characters from the end e.g. hell) but i want approximate searches e.g. hello would show hello unless better results were found.

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