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SketchUp users in all fields are contingent on V-Ray as a speedy, easy and cost-efficient system to render their most cutting-edge images. V-Ray for SketchUp works through Trimble’s SketchUp, one of the most famous 3D modelling tools available currently.
These are the features:
* More shade categories (great designed for metal textures).
* More than 10 new procedural textures, with dirt (for more realistic renderings).
* Lights now have the capability to add IES profiles (for light accuracy).
* Material can currently be layered better.
* Quicker scene processing times.
* Support for SketchUp transparency as well as alpha transparency.
* V-Ray for SketchUp does run as a 32-bit application on 64bit machines and OS’s
* The current version is 01.49.01
* The official recommended end user price of a single new license of V-Ray for SketchUp is 580 Euro/ 800 USD/ 500 GBP.