What Is Optimized Video Streaming

What Is Optimized Video Streaming

Back when the Internet was connected through dial-up, loading times were slow. But through technological advances we improved the baud rates (which is the rate of data transfer) increased exponentially. Years passed and the ever-impossible video streaming was now possible. Although the baud rates might be higher, graphics still depend on how the video is made.

Things like minimizing camera motion and using a lot of light helps in the quality of a video so that when it is streamed, it will be of very high quality. There are already hundreds or maybe thousands of sites that enable you to watch, upload, or download videos through the Internet.

There are also a few tasks to do to optimize video streaming, like cleaning up your desktop and closing unused browsers because they take up memory too. Defragmenting your hard drive also helps as it how your hard drive stores data. Defragmenting your hard drive also increases its life span, so it is basically a "win-win" situation.

Sites like YouTube are supposedly responsible for around 10% of all traffic on the internet and still growing today. The goal is to minimize loading times, maximizing web speed, and making the data transfer process as fast as it possibly can. Videos should also be compressed so that the time loading the video will be as fast as possible since it only has to read a much smaller size compared to a much larger one, which takes a lot more time to read. The smaller the size of the video the faster it will stream, uploaded, or downloaded.

Just remember that these key things should be done for proper optimization: A good internet connection, a well-taken video, and a proper host for your videos. Why a proper internet connection? You need a good one so that loading videos will be faster than slower ones. For example, having a 50mbps internet connection is more convenient rather than a 10mbps one as it transfers large data quickly. Your host should also be dependable is it also factors in on how fast your videos will be streamed.

Guidelines should be followed for proper video streaming optimization as video streaming can be turned into a business that could enable you to earn a lot. Sometimes the problem lies in where you uploaded your videos, but most of the time it is on the users who upload the videos themselves. The more you understand how to fully Optimize your video streaming the more successful your attempts succeed.


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