Buying a Second Hand Phone, Things To Keep In Mind

Many people consider buying a second hand phone now days as the price we pay for a first hand phone just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore as with the evergreen and emerging market of smartphones, a new smartphone is released everyday by a company and almost all the phones released now are affordable and have good specifications.

But the main problem with this is that with the new technology releasing so fast, even the latest of smartphone are not able to keep up with it and start lagging just after months of buying them.

Buy a second hand phone for a cheaper price and using it for just a short duration of time before buying another second hand phone seems to be the ideal idea.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a second hand phone and always make a check list as to what you have to check before you buy your phone.


The seller must possess the original bill along with the box and original accessories it came with. Having the bill is a proof of the age of the phone and the box would just increase the resale value for you. If the seller has got original accessories also then that does mean that he has used the phone in a good condition and not rough. Also, for additional proof do match the IMEI number on the bill and on the box and the phone.

If the original accessories are missing then you can always get a discount of addition 100 bucks or so.


With the current technology and the power it requires to run smoothly, we must make sure that the smartphone has 2 GB ram along with a quad-core processor. These are the minimum requirements required. If the phone does not meet these then look for another phone.

The screen size and other looks of the phone solely depend on your wish.


One of the most important things to check is that weather the smartphone you are going to buy is stolen or not as you might get into trouble after buying the device.

Ask for the box, as if it is stolen the thief would mostly not possess a box. Also check the IMEI number on the internet which lists the IMEI number of stolen phones.



Do check the smartphone physically for scratches or dents, and if you do find any then try to inquire as to how did those dents occur. If by chance you do have your laptop with you when you check the phone, do carry a USB cable and check the charging and data transferring capabilities of the device.


With many people selling new phones in less than a year try to opt for the option which does offer you a warranty also because in case anything does go wrong then you do have the option of getting it serviced for free in an authorised service center.


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