A Sneak Peek of the Apple iPhone 5


A Sneak Peek of the Apple iPhone 5

As the year 2011 is advancing, the frenzy of iPhone 5 is becoming stronger. The device is expected to look close to the iPhone 4 but will also come with a few improvements that will make it a better. For instance, the unit is expected to come with the same shatter and scratchproof Gorilla Glass. According to some iPhone 5 specs, the unit will most likely come with sleeker and thinner design than its predecessor. Expert insight predicts that the unit will also cater for the antenna problem that tends to affect people using iPhone 4. If you are an enthusiast of Apple products, keep reading here for some more speculations.

Although iPhone 5 is expected to be smaller than its predecessor, it is expected to come with at least 4 inch screen display that will deliver clearer texts and images. An improved antenna is also indispensable.  Experts also expect that the gadget will come with iOS 5 operation system including the improved processor use in iPad 2. This is the 1 GHz dual core processor that is expected to enhance the general performance of the phone. Alleged images that were leaked from China suggested that the device will feature ultra-slim design that will distinguish it from the thicker android handsets. Some experts are convinced that the images are fake but the 4 inch screen is likely to be true.

There are some experts that believe that the phone will come with an extremely powerful laser keyboard. This idea looks cool on iPhone 5 but in fact the keyboard may be hard to execute effectively. Another shortcoming of the feature is its high power utilization. The application may drain the battery fast and definitely Apple is cautious of anything that can taint their reputation of manufacturing longstanding batteries. This makes chances of this feature coming with the phone lower.

The new iPhone 5 is expected to metamorphose the mobile world niche like never before. There are reports claiming that the new unit will feature a dual core processor that will allow it to launch applications as well as pages at enhanced speed. Users will also be capable of multi-tasking as the units will have ability to handle multiple programs at enhanced speeds. iPhone 5 specs have been claiming that the unit will also come with more powerful graphic cards with ability to display images and videos with enhanced sharpness and precision.

iPhone 5 is also expected to be compatible with the 4G network art from the regular 3G network. The solid operation mechanisms and features to choose from this unit are making it more popular than the Android handsets. Video chat ability in the 4G network and the advanced Face Recognition Security application are just a few of the advanced technologies to be found in this unit. A battery life averaging to 14 hours talk time and the scratch resistant Gorilla Glass display are among some of the common features you should expect from the unit.

This new Apple iPhone 5 is a guarantee that it will change the way many people view the iPhones. in case you are thinking of upgrading your phone, you better start saving to purchase the upcoming state of the art phone.


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