Apple Technology – Hailed to be at the top of the ladder


Apple Technology – Hailed to be at the top of the ladder

The Apple iPhone, which has not failed to capture the hearts of the public, seems to be the most attractive gadget on the market today. Even a person who is not a gadget freak (including myself), can't help but be curious about this top-of-the-world technology. Every time a new Apple product is released, it always astounds the curious crowd.

You will be bewildered by its unique features that are not available in other gadgets or have yet to be copied after the Apple gadget's release. Apple, as the world's most valuable company in 2011 with its reinvigoration, was regarded as one of the greatest turnaround business stories of all time. The company's goal is to not only cater to adults, but to also target a wide  range of the population. Young children and elder individuals have also become interested in this kind of technology.

The Apple products have literally become a useful tool in the modern world. Almost everyone uses them for their business, plus social networking; mixing business with pleasure is one way of releasing stress. The Apple's technology helps a lot, having many pleasing qualities, almost everyone can benefit from these state-of-the-art gadgets. From the MacBook to iPod to the Apple's iPhone 3G-3GS, iPhone 4G-4GS, iPad 1, iPad 2 and the newly released iPad 3.

What's next on the list? Rumor has it that Apple will launch its iPhone 5 by the third quarter of this year.

Obviously, this causes excitement among all the fellow Apple fans and devotees. With Siri, iCloud and iOS 5 being some of iPhone's unequaled and distinctive features, they make it quite special compared with other gadgets that have been released after the iPhone.

Though Apple has been a positive force in the gadget market, the company also has its flaws. A simple man despite his success, the late Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder and CEO, made Apple's technology as simple as possible. He didn't want to skip any the stages; he wanted his products to undergo a step-by-step process.

A good example of this simplicity is the iPhone's camera. Although the phone has many advanced features, the camera is still basically the same, getting just one pixel more as each updated iPhone was released. How could this be? This is what the demanding public has been wanting to know, yet the late Steve Jobs was always stubborn about this part of the feature, and lived up to his idea of remaining simple.

The prying public does not want an imperfect gadget, especially the iPhone from Apple, which has been hailed as the most awesome gadget in history! The public wants an all features-in-one gadget that gets as much bang for their buck as possible. Android and other mobile phones are way beyond comparison when it comes to their phones' camera features.

The Apple iPhone's camera remains obsolete, yet the critics are continually patronizing the Apple products. Every time a new gadget is released, spectators from all over the world compare it with Android, Nokia, BlackBerry and other gadgets that are already available on the market and yet, the Apple product never fails to amaze them as well. I mean, let's face it. I guess Apple iPhone's technology is still considered to have the world's most advanced operating system.


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