Top 10 Power Banks


The processors operating in the phones get developed each day, with the objective of increasing the smoothness and the task switching of the applications running on it. But one of the main factors of a phone, which gets affected by the optimization of a processors’ efficiency, is the power consumption. Thus there requires a backup to compromise the phone’s charge to experience the advancement in processor effectively. Abrupt disruption of the phone at important occasions would lead to worse consequences. Hence to provide a charged backup, one employs power banks. Below are the lists of some mind-blowing power banks which are a huge support to anyone who possesses it.

1) MI power bank-16000 mAh


The Chinese giants, Xiaomi, have brought themselves a status in the digital market by bringing in highly qualitative items at a price never imaginable before. And, when it comes to their power banks, it is no way below par to what we expect from them. The 16k mAh variant from the Chinese tycoons, comes in with a fabricated metal embodiment and once charged, can last without recharging up to 5 days.

2) Honor Power Bank-13000 mAh


Huawei, one of the earliest firms into the mobile market, introduced the Honor Power Bank along with their series of Honor phones. This tool has a metal casing which provides some high resistant features such as water resistance and dust resistance.
The covering wraps the interior circuit from any water splashes, and the developers have designed the penultimate circuit such that the circuits are not affected by any high voltage fluctuations.

3) MI power bank-10400 mAh


The 10,400 mAh variant from Xiaomi, was the predecessor of the previously discussed 16000 mAh variant. The bank composes of a four-cell circuit, and the circuit chips encompass all the cells for protection purposes.
There is a voltage regulation circuit which checks in for the voltage sent to the device connected to the bank and incase of the device being charged completely, the power bank automatically switches off. This feature ensures the device being free of getting overcharged.

4) Ambrane P-1000 Star -10400 mAh


Ambrane is one of the most reputed firms concerned mainly with the production of power banks. They have produced some decent power banks all over the years. The P-1000 Star supports power level of 10kmAh. And the bank is built over batteries composed of cells made up of lithium. This phenomenon enables the cells to get charged up quickly, what is colloquially called the dash charging, and one can immediately use the bank at times of need.

5) Hako Pb200 – 20000 mAh


Hako is one of those firms who isn’t concerned with the production of batteries for phones and lap tops at their production stage. Instead, they work over production of batteries or backup on the aftermarket end. The 20000 mAh has a humongous capacity and comes in with three output ports which enables three devices to be charged simultaneously using the bank. It is constructed using cells packed with polymers of Lithium, instead of pure Lithium. This factor gives an added feature that it is light and superfast compared to the banks operating in pure lithium cells.

6) Corseca DMB2056 – 20000 mAh


Corseca is the firm which produces the most eye-catchy power banks of all. The DMB2056 version is no exception. It is heavier when compared to the rest of the banks in the league, and if charged once, it can last up to seven to eight days without being charged again. The LED monitor is one of the classic features in it.
One can view the status of the power bank, the status of the battery in the bank via the LCD so that one can know how much of charge the bank has. The only drawback of this product is the weight as 526 grams isn’t an easy one to consider as portable all the while.

7) Hako HK-10 -5600 mAh


The HK-10 model is tiny, and when perceive d from the price zone under which it fits in, it is simply one of the best banks we have. It has a 5,600 mAh battery embodied inside a plastic casing.
It also features an LCD monitor which indicates the amount of charge left, but unlike its’ successor Pb200, this device comes with only a single output port. Polymers of Lithium fill up the cells, instead of pure Lithium. This characteristic makes it operate effectively compared to the banks operating in pure lithium cells.

8) Ambrane P-5200B -5200 mAh


The 5,200 mAh variant is one of the highly portable, handy power bank ever. It can charge up to 4 charges once charged. It has output ports for all kind of devices, such as cameras and mobiles. It features an LCD, and it can fit into any tiny holders, for instance, say our pant pockets!!!

9) Ambrane P-444 -4400 mAh


This version was the first model from Ambrane. The 4,400 mAh, when introduced, received rave reviews from the users for its efficiency. Although in today’s world, it sounds insufficient, it topped the ranking charts at the time of its introduction. It can easily keep your phone charged for more than once, and it features a plastic casing as metal casings weren’t into development then. It costs less than 500 bucks that make it easily the most inexpensive yet effective power bank in its series

10) Maxx 3000 – 3000 mAh


Maxx has not made a remarkable mark in this field. They are one of the non-standardized, amateur makers of power bank. As we have reached the base level o f comparison, they do deserve mention. Their 3000 mAh variant was for those people who want a highly inexpensive yet a power bank to save their phones from getting drained out at least once. And this is the scenario where Maxx 3000 is exactly suitable. This bank is composed of SDI cells, and it provides a decent backup. It is generally for those, who are satisfied with their phone’s inbuilt battery, yet with a motive to save themselves from any worse scenarios, want to have a power bank for backup measures, for a namesake!


Thus the power banks mentioned above are one of the coolest efficient ones in the market at present. They give you a sound backup at your worst situations. Having a power bank has arrived to transit into a necessity rather than a comfort owing to the rate at which our phone’s processors suck the inbuilt battery out. So if you are one among those who don’t have one of the above-depicted ones, save yourselves from the poorest of consequences by grabbing one among these!


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