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Question Which is better Password Manager, KeePass or I have not used any Password Manager till date. But know I would like to make a try. I am little confused whether to use KeePass or LastPass. One 81476 Justin C Amato 2014-11-21 23:14 2 Misc Software
Question How to Optimize Notepad for Developing and How do you add more features to Notepad to enhance code development? What new features have you found  useful for inclusion in the Notepad 81475 Esteban K Benton 2014-11-21 23:14 3 Development Software
Question Is there any cheap Concept Map application I have a Surface Pro 3. I am searching for an online or desktop app to utilize the advantage of the stylus and the touch screen which is affordable 81474 Derrick E Clayton 2014-11-21 23:12 2 Misc Software
Question When is the Gold colored Samsung Galaxy Note I am planning to buy one Gold colored Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I have been trying to find the release date of this Gold colored or Bronze Samsung 81473 Berta R Cahill 2014-11-21 23:11 2 Misc Hardware
Question My RAC traffic analysis software is not Hello, I am Aabel Maverick. I am an user of Samsung galaxy note. Recently I have purchased a software (which is for Android) named ''RAC 81472 Aabel Maverick 2014-11-21 23:11 2 Mobile Software
Question Which is better whether Xbox 360 or Xbox One? I am regular PC Gamer and I was very happy with Xbox 360 playing lot of games like FIFA or any other games without usage of guns. Yesterday the LB 81471 Ronald M Peterson 2014-11-21 23:09 3 Hardware
Question Is there any Microsoft Apps with feature I am using a Microsoft Windows phone OS. I am looking for an app with feature parity across platform. Will Microsoft assist app developers of large 81470 Joseph H Higuchi 2014-11-21 23:05 2 Misc Software
Question Is HBO Go really available for Xbox One? I heard that for the first time the premium streaming service is easily available from a next gen console. I also came to know that an app is 81469 Maurice B Rodgers 2014-11-21 23:04 2 Misc Hardware
Question I am experiencing slow boot problem with my I have a HP G6 laptop which was working really well till yesterday. But suddenly from yesterday it started booting pretty slowly than ever. I took 81468 Joseph H Higuchi 2014-11-21 23:03 2 Misc Hardware
Question Which is the best choice for buying Xbox One I have not owned a console since PS2. I am planning to buy one Xbox One controller for PC Games. I have no idea about their charging kits. I am 81467 Garrick Sanderford 2014-11-21 22:42 3 Misc Hardware
Question Which is the best cleaning App for daily I am searching for a cleaning app for android. I want it for cleaning and removing unnecessary data from my mobile and keep mobile space free and 81466 Ave broers 2014-11-21 22:38 5 Misc Software
Question Is there any binary code sharing web I am looking for uploading, downloading, and easy sharing of binary code. I don’t want install anything. I just need the code without frills 81465 Gene C Silva 2014-11-21 22:31 4 Misc Software
Question Does mobile display with Gorilla Glass 4 I came to know through an online article that Gorilla Glass 4 will not shatter if dropped down to the floor by mistake. But I came to know that 81464 Taylor B Campos 2014-11-21 22:29 4 Misc Hardware
Question I want to prevent my Workbook from being How can I protect my Workbook from being copied by others? Can I prevent others from copying the contents of a cell from my Workbook? Where can I 81456 Corey Joel 1 2014-11-21 22:26 9 MS Excel
Question Which is better IPad Mini 3 or IPad Air 2? I am planning to buy a tablet this month end. But I am little confused on choosing the right one. I would like to know whether 16 GB or 64 GB is 81463 Tyrone E Louis 2014-11-21 22:26 4 Misc Hardware
Question Can we connect DVD Home Theater System I have a Samsung DVD Home Theater System which was given complimentary when I bought a Samsung LED TV. But currently I am not using the home 81462 Justin C Amato 2014-11-21 22:25 4 Misc Hardware
Question Will Google’s Project Ara create a new trend I found that Google’s Project Ara customers can pick and choose specific components on their device and upgrade particular parts at their own 81461 Jason K Shivers 2014-11-21 22:23 5 Misc Hardware
Question I am planning to buy a new Gaming Console I would like to buy a new Gaming Console but I heard that the price of the console is likely to come down in couple of months. I don’t know 81460 Derrick E Clayton 2014-11-21 22:22 5 Misc Hardware
Question The updates installation for my Windows xp I tried to install microsoft security .NET framework 2.0 SP2 updates for Windows xp but they fail. The same thing happens with updating 4 drivers 81459 Berta R Cahill 2014-11-21 22:21 4 Windows XP
Question How to Activate Windows Command Prompt I would like to be able to view the history of every command I type into the DOS command prompt on my Windows machine. The problem is I do not 81450 Joseph H Higuchi 1 2014-11-21 20:29 12 System Utilities
Question Installing Linux Virtual Machine on Windows I want to install a Linux virtual machine on my computer which runs on Windows operating system (OS) but I do not know how to go about it. I am 81449 Gene C Silva 1 2014-11-21 19:56 11 Virtualization
Question List the different types of layouts used in In the context of Wed browser development, what is responsive design? What is fixed layout? What is Fluid Layout? Explain the advantages and 81458 Corin Ronie 2014-11-21 19:52 6 Web Components
Question How has CSS resulted in a considerably What is Cascading Style sheet (CSS) language and what is it used for? What are selectors? What is a CSS Box model? How does CSS help to simplify 81457 Coshaun James 2014-11-21 19:43 6 Web Languages/Standards
Question Protecting the Eye from Effect of Touch- I am concern that electronic devices such as touch-screens can have a negative effect on our eyes. I would like someone to help me find ways and 81454 Berta R Cahill 1 2014-11-21 19:23 14 Touch-Screen
Question The Main Purpose for Installing Virtual Please help me with some information on virtual machines. I would be very grateful if you can please explain why people install virtual machines on 81448 Taylor B Campos 1 2014-11-21 19:03 10 VMware