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Question Need information about MITM attack I have a wireless LAN and I am afraid of MITM attack, can someone give me guidance to what should be done to defend MITM attack ? I sometimes feel 849 Ashish mamgain 5 2011-04-22 11:31 504 VPN
Question Spyware, Trojan, Malware, Adware cure? I want to ask the Techyv users that why there is so much Spyware, Malware, Adware and Trojan viruses effecting the computer even though we just 854 Aneesh bangera 3 2011-04-22 12:24 648 Anti-Virus
Question I have an HDD partition problem Hello, I bought a laptop but there was only Linux installed on it. I put the Windows 7 DVD and I saw that my HDD was parted 2x150GB (the HDD is 811 Radiola 2 2011-04-22 13:08 475 Hard Drives
Question No sound coming out of my laptop There's no sound coming out from my laptop. Tried checking the volume and even used external speakers but it doesn't work. I have Windows 858 Roblox_ 5 2011-04-22 14:22 539 Laptops/Notebooks
Question Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Web page I cannot browse the internet.  I use Internet Explorer as my browser. I have Windows XP.  I get the error, "Internet Explorer cannot 857 Tumblebugz 5 2011-04-22 14:30 554 Firefox
Question Sharing folders on home network in Windows 7 Hi Guys, I want to share a folder I have in my PC, with my sister over the network. How do I do this? I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium, she is 861 Djmotwister 4 2011-04-22 14:40 493 Windows Networking
Question How do I block flash ads in firefox 4? I am so annoyed with the flash ads that are scattered everywhere. I am using Firefox 4 hoping it would block them, but it doesn't seem to. Is 862 Bethloggins 4 2011-04-22 15:11 490 Firefox
Question In what circumstances is the system-call In what circumstances is the system-call sequence fork() exec() most appropriate? Please experts help. 865 Omendra 2 2011-04-22 15:23 1,426 Windows XP
Question Will I lose files when I upgrade to Windows I am planning to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. I'm just concerned if upgrading would delete the current files I have in my computer. 864 Azrael 4 2011-04-22 15:25 508 Windows 7
Question Will my programs or devices work with I'm currently on Windows Vista and I want to upgrade to Windows 7.  I'm concerned though if my existing programs will be compatible 868 Mikey_az 4 2011-04-22 16:06 479 Windows 7
Question I cannot compile a code block Hello, Code blocks here I install Windows XP and when I start a project with C, I have 3 error messages that arrive "Does not know how this 832 Xm0nsterx 6 2011-04-22 16:21 1,175 Windows XP
Question Connecting 2 Computers without a networking Experts is there any way to connect 2 computers without a networking hub? Please kindly help me if there is any solution. 866 Shina-lopez 2 2011-04-22 16:21 591 Windows XP
Question Is firewall Important when WPA Security Can anyone please tell me why Firewalls are important? I use router with WPA security and I think that this much security is enough for my 820 Himanshu 5 2011-04-22 16:37 1,002 Network Security
Question QuickBooks loading screen disappears when Anyone familiar with QuickBooks pro 2009 here? My hard drive recently crashed and I had a tech reinstall my program. However, every time I 870 Qbpro 6 2011-04-22 16:42 1,300 Business Management
Question Could not play movies in WMP after upgrading I recently upgraded and after it completed I was excited to watch some videos, sadly none of them won't play. Im using windows media player. 867 Gleelover 6 2011-04-22 16:53 536 MultiMedia Applications
Question Any solution as to why I cannot record on CD? I am trying to record/ burn my CD but I couldn't make this possible. This is the first time that I'm going to use my CD Burner. I am using 873 Leah_onofre 4 2011-04-22 17:07 576 Removable Backup Media
Question Restriction on changing desktop wallpaper I am an administrator and would like to understand why after I already enabled the option "Prevent Changing Wallpaper" under the group 874 Admin_angela 4 2011-04-22 17:13 2,023 Windows XP
Question How to Create Forms using HTML/CSS Hello everyone, in fact I have big problem, plus it's quite urgent! : s I am currently creating a form step-by-step allows a user to assist in 875 Mjido012 5 2011-04-22 18:09 518 Internet
Question How to disable an application to access I am using Windows 7 and I have 1 MB DSL connection but still internet connection is not fast enough. There are some applications in my 883 Keanu.bedingfield 2 2011-04-22 19:30 751 Windows 7
Question Windows Live Messenger Disconnects every 5 Hello guys! Maybe you can help me out. I have Windows Live Messenger 2011 installed on a Windows XP computer. Every time I sign in using my 839 Mike Magat 6 2011-04-22 20:53 1,389 Chat/IM
Question Google keeps redirecting from a different Every time I search the Internet using Google and then click a result, I get directed to a website that is completely irrelevant to my keyword. The 847 Antonio Mckey 5 2011-04-22 21:08 542 Internet Explorer
Question Bing image search not showing all results Hi, Does anyone know how to show all results in Bing Image Search? For example, if I try to search Bing for keyword “Dogs”, The 845 Chuck linderman 5 2011-04-22 21:16 1,083 Web
Question Functions and Usage of Blue Eyes Technology Hello, Can anyone let me know about "Blue Eyes Technology". Regards and thanks in advance. 878 Nicky 7 2011-04-22 21:16 1,281 Others
Question Bing SafeSearch keeps on resetting Good day people! Who among you guys are using Bing search instead of Google? I have a question regarding the SafeSearch feature of Bing, how do you 843 Dexter Cain 5 2011-04-22 21:26 1,373 Web
Question Windows 7 with Phenom II X4 955BE Computer I need help! My Windows 7 computer keeps on crashing. It automatically restarts after I boot the computer and sometimes doesn’t even load 840 Bill jones 5 2011-04-22 21:31 493 Windows 7