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Question Safest way to download a You Tube video. What is the most secure way of downloading and saving a You Tube video clip? Is it safe to use savevid or is there a better option to save videos 30487 Catlin bred 2 2013-11-15 10:53 2,267 Web
Question How do I find out what version my USB is? The USB ports on my PC are named USB - Hi Speed. An old Pen drive I bought in 2009 does not work with this port. Is it because the Pen Drive 30488 Caspian zec 2 2012-05-06 03:13 457 Peripherals
Question What is Chrome Incognito mode? What is Incognito mode on my Chrome web browser? How does browsing in Incognito mode differ from normal google chrome browsing? Is it really as 30489 Canyon oswald 2 2012-05-24 12:44 958 Google Chrome
Question How to be anonymous on the internet? When I visit a web page, can it get my e-mail address, Facebook ID, location or other personal information? How to online IP address locators 30490 Wirt yule 2 2012-04-22 18:23 581 Misc Security
Question Is watching TV online illegal? Is it illegal to watch TV online? What are the best sites to watch episodes of TV shows online in South East Asia?  30491 Winnie zac 3 2012-04-23 21:15 1,169 Web
Question Advantages and Disadvantages of Online backup Online backup is the best way to protect important documents and other media files from the foreseeable.  What are the disadvantages and 30493 April Rosas 2 2012-04-25 08:02 762 Internet
Question What are the best Android apps for reading E I like to read on the go, and I have a smartphone running Android version 2.3.5.   What do you think would be the best application for me to 30494 Cromwell ron 3 2014-08-27 15:50 757 Internet
Question Uninstalling the Yahoo search Companion. I installed Yahoo search companion on my PC, and wan't to uninstall it since Google seems much more user friendly. The Yahoo search companion 30495 Jhonny jack 1 2012-04-22 20:15 582 Web
Question What to look for when buying a new computer. What should you look for when buying a computer in terms of RAM, video-sound cards, processors CD-DVD drives, burners, OP systems and USB. What are 30496 Jose Mathias 3 2012-04-24 22:31 533 Desktops
Question Hotspot shield for Android phone. My Android phone is a hotspot generator. How can I keep others from using my phone as a hotspot- is there any shield software I can install? Also, 30497 Renato Diggs 1 2012-04-22 23:06 1,348 Mobile Hardware
Question How to remove spyware without harming the I think my PC has been infected with a spyware called CWS Google MS3. Is it harmful, or should I just let it be? Is there a way to remove it 30498 Sabrina Becnel 3 2012-04-22 19:17 684 Misc Security
Question Sync Google Docs and MS Office applications. Are Google Docs and MS Office compatible with each other? How can I open a Google Docs file with MS Word? Is there any particular formatting to be 30499 April Rosas 1 2012-04-22 19:08 575 Misc Software
Question How to delete browsing history. How can I delete browser history in Google Chrome? I have an iMac. The browser always shuts itself down when I click the clear browsing option. I 30500 Dexter Wiley 3 2012-05-10 19:47 797 Google Chrome
Question The difference between SOA and Cloud What are the key differences between SOA ( service oriented architecture) and cloud computing? How do they work, and which is the best option? 30501 Catherine Brewer 1 2012-04-22 19:51 1,233 Web/Cloud Computing
Question Pointers in C programming language. What are far pointers, near pointers, and huge pointers in the C programming language? What can they be used for? Thanks. 30502 Alexander Herrera 2 2013-08-21 15:43 627 C
Question How to connect nokia 5130 to oxycube 2.1? Hi, I have same problem with nokia 5130. The memory problem. I searched for solution and i got oxycube. When i installed it oxygen connection 30503 Anonymous 1 2012-04-22 21:11 1,787 Hardware Components
Question Pixel Qi: Special low power mode. With special low power mode, Pixel Qi is now working on a super dense version of its signature display which uses low power than Apple’s 30504 David Parfit 2 2012-04-23 09:50 657 Apple
Question Pre orders of Sony dual-core BDP S790 Blu- Pre orders of Sony dual-core BDP S790 Blu-ray player is starting now which has a dual- core processor and a price of $250. Can I convert 2D video 30505 Steve Randle 1 2012-04-22 23:04 612 Hardware
Question Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud. Pre order of Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) and Creative Cloud are available now. When will these professional tools to arrive? 30519 John Griesham 2 2012-04-23 21:08 680 MultiMedia Applications
Question Samsung GT - E 2652 Model - Contact image I have some pictures in my Phone memory. When i try to set a picture as Caller image, It has no option "set as". It displays only details. 30520 Anonymous 1 2012-04-23 17:23 1,442 Mobile Hardware
Question Intel has launched Ivy Bridge processor. Ivy Bridge processor of Intel has officially launched on Sunday. What is the difference between Ivy Bridge processor and Sandy Bridge processor? 30521 Frank Mackeey 1 2012-05-01 17:13 624 CPU Processors
Question Is it possible to install iOS 5 and Ubuntu Wondering if it could be possible to install 2 different OS in Iphone 4s - iOS 5 and UBuntu? I know Ubuntu is supported and I would like to run 30522 Anonymous 1 2012-04-24 18:19 564 iPhone
Question Snom 300 phone use with Orange Livebox I have a Snom 300 phone working off Orange (France Telecom) Livebox router. We have dial tone. Our it administrator in the US thinks the audio 30527 Chezholly 1 2012-07-27 05:24 1,028 Telecommunications
Question Google Drive: Cloud based storage service. I heard that cloud based storage service; Google Drive may arrive as soon as today. Is it rumor or true? If it is true, is there any 30536 Jdonnel 2 2012-04-24 18:54 586 Database
Question Windows 8 is going to release earlier this According to Steven Sinofsky; division head of Windows. Windows 8 is going to release earlier this June. What special feature we can expect from 30537 Alicia Gracee 3 2012-05-18 02:11 1,092 Microsoft Others