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Question Issue with Error code 0x85640004 The following error occurred while running SQL Server Setup: There was a failure to validate setting CTLRUSERS in validation function Validate 31070 Mikee langford 2 2013-06-10 07:18 847 MySQL Server
Question I keep on getting Error 20 on Autodesk 3D I keep on getting this error when using the Autodesk 3D Max 2001 "The software license check out failed; error 20" I already tried to 31071 Arturo owen 1 2012-05-14 16:41 1,022 Photos / Graphics Soft.
Question Tips in fixing Error code 7 Lately, I have been getting error message while playing game. The error message says The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display 31072 Charles bowers 1 2012-05-10 08:30 962 Misc Software
Question How to resolve problems in Event Viewer I have encountered an issue in Event Viewer saying the platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. 31073 Christ hilyard 2 2012-12-17 22:24 578 Misc Software
Question CCleaner 3.03.1366 installation time error  I have the latest version of CCleaner 3.03.1366 installed on my computer. Unfortunately, I am getting an error just like with the previous 31074 Jayson mars 1 2012-11-28 14:33 432 System Utilities
Question Safari community toolbar error pls help! I have just updated Safari to the latest version yesterday and since then I keep on getting an error "We're sorry but the version of 31075 Daniel murdoch 1 2012-05-09 18:03 859 Safari
Question Power DVD audio and video skipping I am having a problem with the audio and the speed of the videos that I play on Power DVD 11 Version 11.0.2211.53. This is regardless of the video 31076 Jobert bridges 1 2012-05-10 06:50 728 MultiMedia Applications
Question Informatica sequence generator - workflow Can anybody help me how to fix my informatica generator setting? I made some modifications in the setting. Please look at the screenshots below for 31077 Kevin rith 1 2012-05-25 16:49 707 System Utilities
Question Website freezes when in google chrome Dear, My code worked fine in IE, Firefox and Safari but it freezes when in Google chrome. On the first time that the page is loading, the website 31078 Vvikas24 1 2012-05-09 19:35 457 Google Chrome
Question ObjectDock Plus crashing on right click I have installed ObjectDock Plus on my Windows Vista computer. I can see the dock on the upper portion of the screen and it has a Start button, 31079 Herbert welling 1 2012-05-13 11:00 734 Windows Vista
Question I failed to open any documents for viewing, This is new to me! Yesterday, suddenly, I failed to open any documents for viewing, editing or printing. I'm using Office Starter 2010 which 31080 Phoenix suy 1 2012-05-09 15:58 436 MS Word
Question How to download/purchase/ upgrade to the I have a fully workable Office 2000 Premium windows 7 professional 64 bit system. I found that add on programs, using office excel, require 31081 Philippe so 2 2012-05-09 13:39 573 MS Excel
Question Microsoft Security Essentials gives errors Can anyone provide the solution for the Error I am getting in Microsoft Security Essentials? Error: Microsoft Security Essentials couldn 31082 DuoSam 3 2014-07-20 14:59 466 Anti-Virus Apps
Question WindowBlinds error when used with DX I have Windows 7 32 bits on my computer. I have installed DX and WindowBlinds on it but I always get an error every time WindowBlinds is being used 31083 Bryan edwards 1 2012-11-25 02:39 541 MultiMedia Applications
Question Errors codes 81000301 and 81000306 I have been receiving error messages lately every time I use MSN. Error codes 81000301 and 81000306 pop up and I don’t have any idea how to 31084 Chet dambaugh 1 2012-05-09 13:17 433 Email Servers
Question Can I add FlashGet 3.5 to my download I am using FlashGet 3.5 and also FlashGot. However, the download accelerator that I have not included the version 3.5 on 31085 Johan weiz 1 2012-05-22 07:19 485 Internet
Question Windows update error code c355 I tried to run Windows update but I get this error instead. It says windows could not search for new updates. Any ideas how to resolve this 31086 Christine conklin 2 2012-05-09 20:30 1,505 Windows 95 & 3.x
Question FoxItReader cannot save file in Windows 7 I have installed FoxItReader on my Windows XP machine. I have a network folder that can only be accessed by several users. This allows 31087 Scott martin 1 2012-05-09 23:29 866 Windows 7
Question Wuala network drive error, unable to My Windows XP SP3 computer has a Wuala installed on it. On it are folders that have a huge capacity that is synchronized with the LaCie Network. 31089 Arnel bui 1 2012-05-25 17:03 848 Web/Cloud Computing
Question Problems with iTunes Cannot upload and wanted to download a track but unable to do it. I also checked the upload, it’s also not streaming. The problem is shown in the screenshot. I 31090 Gyle kugler 2 2012-11-07 10:13 573 iTunes
Question Can LibreOffice be used at multiple I was trying to compare two Opensource Office applications: OpenOffice Portable 3.2.0 and LibreOffice Portable 3.3.3. If I open LibreOffice first, 31091 Ariel chu 1 2012-05-15 00:30 996 Misc Software
Question PCK/Obsidium virus files detected but cannot I was using my Windows XP yesterday but when I tried to move files from one location to another, I got an error message. The error message says 31092 Arnold huang 1 2012-05-09 17:51 645 Anti-Virus
Question QuickBooks 2012 Install Errors (Error 1965. I receive this error, you can see it in the image below while installing QuickBooks 2012. It is packaged with .NET 4.0, maybe some of you had 31093 Clive walker 1 2012-05-25 17:16 1,157 Misc Software
Question Hungarian CD burner XP pro error I have a Windows 7 Ultimate x86 in Hungarian Language. On it is a CD burner XP pro (latest version with Hungarian Language) I run it as 31094 Kristan lai 1 2012-05-24 08:49 536 MultiMedia Applications
Question Error 2908: Could not register component I received this error immediately after I tried to install Intuit QuickBooks.  Please help me to solve this one. It gives me error 2908. 31095 Corey finnerty 1 2012-05-09 15:06 2,467 Misc Software