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Question Having Blue Screen Problem in Compaq A few weeks ago, my uncle who lives in China gave me a present of a Compaq laptop that had Windows 7 already installed. The Windows had very high 2971 Gibson 3 2011-06-12 15:58 1,617 Laptops/Notebooks
Question Having Problem Burning ISO to a Blu-ray Disc For the first time ever I have tried to burn an ISO image onto a Blu-ray disk and failed. I am using a Verbatim Rewritable 3175 Gibson 1 2011-06-28 11:53 423 Peripherals
Question Forgot my BIOS password and can't I forgot my BIOS password and now I have to make some changes in BIOS but I can not open the BIOS. I used the password a few months ago and now I 8075 Gibson59 2 2011-11-01 12:20 533 Desktops
Question Computer System Should Have Backup Charge Why there does not exist any charge storage option in computer? That cold be used for about 5 to 10 minutes after sudden disconnection of 8660 Giddeo 2 2011-09-20 21:19 382 Misc Hardware
Question Have the Wireless Speakers been Manufactured? Hi,i have an interesting question. My question is that, It bothers too much, to adjust the wired speakers with PC. This problem can be solved by 8669 Giddeo 2 2011-09-20 20:50 334 Misc Hardware
Question Guide in the full access of IPod When I was using Skype, the screen suddenly turned white and a picture of the iPod USB converted into iTunes. When I opened iTunes and clicked on 8722 Giddeo 1 2012-08-27 21:31 472 iPod
Question Adobe Flash Player is Corrupted after two One thing i am trying to understand  that after some days passed, why my Adobe Flash Player is automatically corrupted. When i opened youtube. 8724 Giddeo 1 2011-08-15 00:53 578 MultiMedia Applications
Question Hard drive not detected by system I recently purchased a new P5Q motherboard few days ago. But when I opened it, it will not start. I tried to with it off and on again but to no 8835 Giddeo 2 2011-08-16 07:03 439 Hardware Components
Question I am unable to install the Patch for my Good morning, I have been trying to install software which would help me update my computer program together with all the accompanying data. I 10948 Gidget 1 2011-10-10 07:31 1,450 MultiMedia Applications
Question Error 10: The Device Cannot Start Pinnacle I have successfully installed Pinnacle LINX2 Audio into my PC and after the Windows had detected the hardware, I got this error message “This 2684 Gifford 2 2011-08-04 16:13 515 Hardware Components
Question Is it possible to setup password to PDF PDF files are a good place to store data. PDF files are non-editable which makes it more stable. But it can be editable using some kind of software 1962 Giggs 3 2011-07-29 15:46 560 Security
Question Pentium M Computer stops responding MY Laptop is a bit older but I use Windows XP professional version 2002 which is service pack 3 and, This picture of my Computer's 2077 Giggs 2 2011-05-25 18:07 946 Windows XP
Question Office Live account only works until My Office Live account is working until February, 2012, and I need to get more storage before then. Why can’t I purchase more storage now? 16260 Gil Jackson 1 2011-11-05 12:30 294 Internet Development
Question Computer encounter several beeps when booting I have notice this problem when I started to boot my computer to install the Windows XP. At first I thought it was just a sound coming from a 3207 Gil James 2 2011-07-19 09:10 390 Hardware
Question Installing keyboard language in Android 2.3 Friends, I have upgraded my Samsung Galaxy tab 1000 to Android 2.3.  After upgrading, I can no longer install another keyboard language 19463 Gilbert Jeffrey 1 2011-12-21 13:19 899 Windows Tablet
Question Unable to locate NTFS Disk I am running Ubuntu in my Compaq Presario C700. I want to install a program which is incompatible with Ubuntu so I decided to uninstall Ubuntu 19521 Gilbert Mcdonald 1 2011-12-21 20:33 388 Windows XP
Question Using Remote Desktop Feature to access Win I have Win Vista Home installed on one of my PCs while Windows XP Pro on another one. I want to use Remote Desktop feature to access my Win Vista 21556 Gilbert Mcdonald 1 2012-01-26 04:36 418 Windows XP
Question Error 1406: Unable to sequence Adobe Hello. I am facing some problems while trying to sequence Adobe Photoshop Elements V 4.0. I need to submit it to make a sequence of that 22129 Gilbert Mcdonald 2 2012-12-11 14:33 622 Photos / Graphics Soft.
Question Problems with CNC Mill using Fanuc 0 Mate Hi experts Recently I got a CNC Mill that was built in 1986. It uses a Fanuc 0 Mate Controller. This is my initial experience with CNC, and I 23065 Gilbert Mcdonald 1 2012-03-04 16:10 903 Misc Software
Question HTTP 500 trouble to get users in DirectPush Hello experts, I wish someone can assist me troubleshoot this. On our exchange server 2003, I have faced a constant HTTP 500 trouble to get users 23592 Gilbert Mcdonald 1 2012-03-10 16:35 511 HTTP Sharing
Question Error messages after deleting some data on Hi everybody. I have made a deletion on my partitions on my Ubuntu/Windows XP computer. I then attempted to boot from my XP disk. I found these 23777 Gilbert Mcdonald 3 2012-04-05 22:11 392 Hard Drives
Question My monitor is a total blank/black I have a problem with my monitor. When I open my computer the monitor works properly but after 30 seconds it suddenly turns into blank/black. What 28093 Gilbert Mcdonald 1 2012-04-14 23:01 341 Displays / Monitors
Question NetBIOS Install Check Failed Version 0 Keeps I want to know what does this error means “NetBios install check failed version 0”? It keeps on repeating. Please help me. Thanks! 28167 Gilbert Mcdonald 2 2012-09-12 19:29 380 Net BIOS / NetBEUI
Question Microsoft access database multiple users Hi, Is it possible for multiple users to open and use the same Microsoft Access database in real time? I look forward to hearing from you 28256 Gilbert Mcdonald 1 2012-04-20 00:13 448 MS Access
Question What Operating System does Tcl/Tk is What Operating System does Tcl/Tk is supported?  What is the Latest release version of it? Please send me your answers. Thanks!  28289 Gilbert Mcdonald 1 2012-04-07 01:54 412 TCL / TK