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Question Lights out for auto shutdown home server 2011 I have been using lights out for auto shutdown home server 2011, can I even use it to schedule a reboot. I need the steps to do it. 47741 Abbigailantonia 2 2012-11-30 19:13 328 Exchange Server
Question I received an error message from my ESET Hi, The problem is with my ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5. Today I received this error message all on a sudden.   I do not understand the 49473 Abbigailantonia 1 2012-10-22 11:31 480 Anti-Virus
Question Message offers to download an updated Hi guys, My Puran utilities software is throwing a message frequently. The screenshot of the message is as under.   It offers an updated 49563 Abbigailantonia 2 2012-10-22 21:08 290 System Utilities
Question Looking for an emulator update zone for I am in search for an emulator update zone for Nintendo 64 bit emulators, anyone who knows of such a site please help. 49857 Abbigailantonia 3 2012-12-02 15:27 280 Web Components
Question How does hotspot Shield Apple Mac download I have done a hotspot shield apple mac download and I want to install it such that I can access some sites in the US, But before I do that I would 51432 Abbigailantonia 1 2012-11-07 11:43 359 Apple Software
Question Various layouts for radio websites available Which are the various layouts for radio websites available in the market and state their features, functions and performance till date. 52394 Abbigailantonia 1 2012-11-17 08:18 311 Others
Question I would like to download oracle forms 5 I would like to download oracle forms 5 for my oracle databases.Am told it has internal programmatic interface that is system independent. Where 52956 Abbigailantonia 2 2013-03-15 05:38 471 Misc Software
Question How to use Windows fx? Hey, I want to revolutionize my operating system. I am using Windows XP 2003. Would you mind telling me how to put any special effect in windows 53065 Abbigailantonia 2 2012-11-21 23:20 316 Windows OS
Question What is the best jQuery MySQL table viewer Hi expert, I need your help. I need a jquery mysql table viewer software. But I don't know which the best one is.  Is it possible to get 54230 Abbigailantonia 1 2012-12-13 13:21 479 MySQL Server
Question How to list the addons Explorer 8? Hi, I am having Internet Explorer 8 installed in my laptop. I know I have installed a plenty of add-ons. Is there a way that I can list all addons 62376 Abbigailantonia 2 2013-03-11 16:54 353 Internet Explorer
Question How can I download perfectdisk 2008 for Hi expert,  I need your help as I am facing problem. I want to get the software, perfectdisk 2008 for exchange but I don’t know how to 64751 Abbigailantonia 1 2013-04-13 22:37 188 Misc Software
Question Opera spam filter export in Opera mail Hi All, I am using the Opera mail and is having a small clarification regarding spam filter. Is it possible to have an Opera spam filter export in 67372 Abbigailantonia 1 2013-05-08 11:24 438 Opera
Question How to change Blackberry screen saver photo? Hi Friends, I am using BlackBerry Curve Smart Phone, in which I set a dark photo as screen saver, which made me difficult to read the icons. I 69825 Abbigailantonia 2 2013-05-21 14:43 240 Mobile Software
Question Abbyy Fine Reader 70 Professional Edition Dear Techyv Experts, I am using Abbyy Fine Reader 70 Professional Edition, I am continuously facing issues in extracting accent character, as the 72334 Abbigailantonia 1 2013-10-22 21:03 271 Quality Assurance
Question Tata Speed Plus Software to increase speed Hi Friends, Is there any Tata Speed Plus Software to increase speed of the Internet, If so what is the procedure used by it to boost the speed of 72996 Abbigailantonia 2 2013-11-14 15:50 210 Telnet Software
Question Detecting and repairing Disk errors Hi Friends, I am using Windows XP and I need to know about how to use Error-checking tool that will help me in detecting and repairing Disk errors 73373 Abbigailantonia 1 2013-09-24 23:03 194 General
Question Sketchup 6 Style Builder for Mac Hi Friends, I am using Mac OSX 10.5.8 in which Layout and Style builder is not getting launched in Sketchup 6 Style Builder for Mac, Please advise 73678 Abbigailantonia 1 2013-10-22 04:37 326 General
Question Android tutorial for beginners and PDF Hi All, I need a list of websites on Android tutorial for beginners and PDF for the same, Please do the needful for helping me to provide the best 73750 Abbigailantonia 2 2013-10-19 18:04 316 General
Question Dell GX 260 all driver at one place Hello Techyv, I need drivers for Drivers for OptiPlex GX260, Where can I find Dell GX 260 all driver at one place. Please help me by providing a 73818 Abbigailantonia 1 2013-10-20 11:29 136 System Utilities
Question Bluetooth file transfer LITE 1.40 Hello Techyv Experts, I need to know whether Bluetooth file transfer LITE 1.40 will help me to browse, explore & manage files inside any 73889 Abbigailantonia 1 2013-11-11 13:44 180 Mobile Software
Question Video card AMD R9 290X ( Radeon) is heating Hi, I am using the video card AMD R9 290X ( ATI Radeon). It is one of the coolest video card I have ever used. But I am facing a bit of problem for 81372 Abbigailantonia 1 2014-11-20 12:04 58 Video Cards
Question Xbox One Gaming console is responding slowly Hi, how are you people today? I am a businessman. Last week I sold a Xbox One Gaming console to one of my honorable customer. Yesterday the 81490 Abbigailantonia 2014-11-22 04:08 67 Hardware Components
Question New Elixir 512DDR 4 RAM Isn't sharing   Hi, recently I have bought one New Elixir 512 DDR 4 RAM. I am game loving person, so I need good RAM as much as I need Processor. But 81549 Abbigailantonia 1 2014-12-01 07:12 73 Memory / RAM
Question More than five open tabs leaves firefox Hi, I am an user of Firefox. I use Firefox 34 beta version. I have updated my Firefox to this version two days ago. My problem is, whenever I open 81747 Abbigailantonia 1 2014-11-29 16:38 106 Firefox
Question Webcam C250 isn't working with windows Hello, I am using a webcam C250. I have downloaded the software of this webcam three or four times as far as I can remember. Every time I try to 81800 Abbigailantonia 1 2014-12-14 15:16 69 Web Cams