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Question Cursor erratic movement making scrolling hard Hi there, I have a Dell XPS PC which is running on Windows 8, recently I installed a new mouse (Optical and wired) since then, I have realized 75429 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2013-12-08 10:40 255 OS
Question How to remove preinstalled apps from the A few of the apps that have been preinstalled in my phone are of no use to me and they are taking up memory space. Is it possible to uninstall them 75456 Gabriel S Nalley 2 2013-12-09 23:34 429 Mobile Software
Question Laptop fell and it is constantly beeping Hi there, I accidentally dropped my Dell LatitudeE6230 and it fell on the side of the fan and went off instantly, now each time I try rebooting, 75478 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2013-12-18 00:51 258 Laptops/Notebooks
Question Rooted Smartphone not booting anymore Hi there, I had rooted my Samsung Galaxy S3, then it showed that there were new software updates, I clicked on download and install, that's 75562 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-03-12 10:45 293 OS
Question External DVD ROM shuts down PC Hi there, I have an HP Pavilion desktop which is running on Windows 8.1, yesterday I tried connecting a Samsung SE-208AB DVD+R /W and my computer 75621 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2013-12-15 09:37 352 Embedded Hardware
Question Windows Photo Gallery captions editing issue Hi there, I have a photo editing software (Serif PhotoPlus) running on Windows 8.1, I was using the software to edit captions for my 2000 photos 75674 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-05-22 07:44 282 Photos / Graphics Soft.
Question Asus Nexus 7 not showing on my PC Hi there, I have been using my Asus Nexus 7 with my HP Pavilion (Running on windows 8)  for a while when I started noticing my Tablet will 75745 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-05-17 11:33 334 Mobile Software
Question Using digital tuner to tune channels with I have Sharp Aquos and am using my digital tuner to tune in any channels but have not been successful. I have tried shifting the set but still 75784 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2013-12-24 22:57 324 Hardware Components
Question Charging port problem with my Galaxy Note 10 Hi there, I have discovered that charging my Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 2014 was getting slow, then it won't charge until I press the charge in 75815 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-01-28 09:03 901 Embedded Hardware
Question UPnP giving 'playback failed' I updated to XBMC 13.x and now I'm having a problem browsing the UPnP library on the OE box on my iPad 2. It's still running on ios6. I 78445 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-08-22 17:36 299 iPad
Question 'jrew.exe has stopped working' I am trying to install Oracle 8i on Windows Server 2008 and after completing the installation, I got an error 'jrew.exe has stopped working 78479 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-07-01 18:51 696 Server Software
Question How to install iOS 7.1.2 update on iPad? I've heard that a bug fix update from Apple (iOS 7.1.2) has been rolled out for its devices. Can I install it on my iPad? Does it contain 78512 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-10-19 09:08 436 iPad
Question How to view old and unread messages from I gave my smartphone to my brother so I removed all the apps on it including WhatsApp. I just received my new smartphone and I want to install 78557 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-07-11 21:47 246 Mobile Software
Question How to turn off Xfinity's ability to I have Xfinity router from Comcast and one of its features is the ability to turn the network into a wifi hotspot. Although, one needs to have an 78656 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-07-21 15:35 220 Wireless Networking
Question System runs fine but Safari loads slow In OS X, everything seems to be running fine. The system is running fine and other applications are running fine as well. But when I'm running 78710 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-10-17 13:14 315 Safari
Question Cannot close iTunes on the computer after Just downloaded the application Shazam on my iPhone 5, and then tested it by holding it on the desktop playing music through iTunes. It did 78820 Gabriel S Nalley 1 2014-07-23 00:35 283 iTunes
Question How to use a Router? Hi, We have an ADSL connection that enables us to have Wi-Fi connection, however the problem is it is connected to the telephone so whenever 10372 Gabriel Sier 5 2012-04-18 07:30 739 Misc Hardware
Question Securing My Router with MAC Filtering My partner in a community project came over the house and brought over his laptop, so we could do research projects together. He told me that my 9048 Gabriel123 2 2011-08-29 05:49 639 Wireless Networking
Question My 4GB USB can't be opened and My 4GB USB Flash Drive appears in, My Computer but it does not work. If I try to open it , it shows a message, " Do you want to format the 8074 Gabriel24 4 2011-08-10 05:19 2,125 Removable Backup Media
Question My Laptop Display shows Lines in Starting I have a problem regarding my Laptop Display. When I turn on my Laptop it shows Vertical Lines on screen and my PC slows down too. When it 9122 Gabriel24 1 2011-08-21 08:05 560 Displays / Monitors
Question Need Win 7 and Win 2008 client guide Hello! Please help me... I have no experience working before with Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2. Is there anybody who can shed light if there 15713 Gabriela 1 2011-11-02 07:39 521 Windows 2008
Question Minimum requirements for installing Photo Hi! Techyv, I get this error message when I try to open Photo Story 3 for Windows cannot run on this version of Windows. Check the 10288 Gabrielarabia 1 2011-09-03 11:27 1,509 Microsoft Others
Question Best Software for Converting .chm file to Hello! Can anyone give me comments or suggestions on my list of software I could use, I have hundreds of EBooks on my MAC and most of 52915 Gabrielle101 1 2012-11-24 06:31 371 Misc Software
Question Axis web browser of Yahoo Yahoo have announced to launch 'Axix' their very own web browser. What will be featured in Axis that help searching for web rather than 32605 Gabrielleriya 2 2013-11-30 14:53 566 Internet Development
Question Fixing Combo DVD-RW Reading Failed I am using Samsung DVD-RW with Windows 7 OS. My problem is that, the DVD-RW is sporadically failed to read disks but could be solved by reboot, 33025 Gabrielleriya 1 2012-05-31 22:32 672 Embedded Hardware