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Question Speedtouch control software error in Lion I just purchased a Thomson Speedtouch 536 version 6 Residential ADSL Gateway Router.  I'm trying to install the SpeedTouch Control 63897 Derek A Rosas 1 2013-03-28 21:42 118 Server Hardware
Question I need Revo uninstaller full 2012 feedback Hi, I have some questions before purchasing Revo Uninstaller Full 2012 version. Does it have the registry key access and can it 63898 Caroline J Tritt 1 2013-04-04 18:12 148 System Utilities
Question I need help in ripping DVD to wav Mac How do I extract an audio file on a DVD then convert it into wav file format?  I have a 13" MacBook Pro with Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz, 8 GB 63900 Sean A Harwood 1 2013-04-04 18:03 127 Appletalk
Question I'm in search of a Watermark tiled free Hi.  I have a lot of image files that I want to upload on the internet.  I want to watermark my images so that no one can just copy my 63902 Matthew D Martinez 1 2013-03-26 01:28 104 Photos / Graphics Soft.
Question Dell is providing free service for Recently I heard the news about Dell products, The one of the leading company in the PC industry. Dell is providing free service for troubleshoot 63903 AlexanderGRogers 1 2013-03-25 16:08 113 Development Software
Question Asus Pentium 4 Motherboard driver pack Hi, I lost the motherboard driver pack of my PC. So I need the driverpack immediately. My motherboard model is Asus, Pentium 4 processor. The 63905 HerbertTBoyd 1 2013-04-02 10:49 304 Motherboards
Question CX files in the Linux operating system Hi, I need a help, How to view PCX files in the Linux operating system? Is there any specific software to view the PCX file please send the 63906 JohnLMcManus 1 2013-04-05 16:11 154 Xandros Linux
Question How can I get the latest attorney WordPress Hi, I want to use a template or theme for my website. It is wordpress based. I heard about attorney wordpress theme. How is it? How can I get it 63915 Devinuhler 1 2013-04-04 07:58 117 Internet Development
Question Scripts in Linux operating system Hi, I need a help, How to write scripts in Linux operating system? Is there any specific software to write scripts. Please send the download link 63917 Shaun L Day 1 2013-04-05 11:40 120 Linux Distributions
Question Back up files in handy cafe Hi, how to back up files in handy cafe? Please give the brief description and send some helping tutorial explanations for how to use that software 63918 Thomas H Linquist 1 2013-04-04 07:57 166 Development Software
Question MS SQL sample databases in SQL Server 2012 Hi, I need some MS SQL sample databases in SQL Server 2012. How to create a sample database in SQL Server? How can we download both data file and 63919 Ruth A Auten 1 2013-04-11 09:43 136 MS SQL Server
Question How and Why CPU Cache is faster than Ram!!! Hi, I am a bit confused about CPU Cache and Ram..It is said  that L1 cache is faster than L2,L3 cache as well as Ram 63927 Junaid_junaid59 1 2013-03-26 16:58 179 Storage Technology
Question Need best mexican domain for website Hello experts, I am going to create a beautiful and awesome website about real-state. So it is for Mexicans. So I need the top level domain Mexico 63929 Jerry Blando 1 2013-04-05 16:57 118 Web
Question I have Asus rotation desktop problem Hi, I have an error with my Asus Rotation Desktop but only for game desktop, others are all okay. I reinstalled it by driver CD, I also did the 63931 Herbert J Smitherman 1 2013-04-04 12:19 317 MultiMedia Applications
Question I need script for Autoit capture output dos Hi.  Can someone lend me a script in AutoIt capture output DOS command?  I need someone to teach me AutoIt command line parameters as I 63932 Gregory Manilov 1 2013-04-07 00:46 384 DOS & Windows
Question Where can I find Ati 7500 driver for Windows Hello.  I have an old IBM Thinkpad T42 that has 1.8 GHz Pentium M processor, 1.5 GB DDR RAM, 60 GB HDD, 64 MB Ati Radeon 7500 and upgraded 63933 Gwendolynhunterr 1 2013-03-25 20:20 116 System Utilities
Question Where can I find audio video symbols for Hi guys.  I just purchased  AutoCAD 2011.  I would like to use it for lighting, audio and video simulation in theatre technology. 63935 Gyle kugler 1 2013-04-07 12:18 251 Suggestions
Question How can I create a light popup contact form Hi, I want to create a light popup contact form jquery on my website. How can I do it? Please, tell me the easiest way as possible so that I can 63936 Elijah Lawrence 1 2013-03-29 10:22 158 Internet Development
Question Where can I find personalized logo flash Hello.  Where can I find a personalized logo flash drive?  I'm looking for a secured password protected high speed 3.0 NAND flash 63937 Halleleilani 1 2013-03-20 20:07 108 Removable Backup Media
Question How to import WAB files to Thunderbird? Hello everyone, I have a program called WAB and I want to import my addresses and contacts in the Thunderbird.  But I am not yet 63938 Jaylonomarion 1 2013-04-16 19:03 244 Internet/Email Software
Question How can I find better java api group? Hi, I want to use java api group. But I am not sure of what the better one is. I know about two kinds: 1. java api group (licensed) 2. java api 63939 Emileekeila 1 2013-04-03 16:13 125 Java
Question Is Kernel Outlook PST Repair compatible with Hi guys.  i just installed the Kernel Outlook PST Repair version 13.02.01 for viewing and repairing corrupted .PST files without using 63940 Halleleilani2 1 2013-03-27 15:12 133 Misc Software
Question How do I activate Rising Sun antivirus I have installed Rising Sun Antivirus 2011 a year ago and I'm very pleased the way it handles viruses and trojans with USB drive protection. 63941 Hamilton Honny 1 2013-03-25 15:15 131 Anti-Virus
Question How to use Mac driver on Windows 7? Hi, I want to use some mac driver on windows 7. But I don't know how to use it. I'm afraid if it needs any special process. Please, tell 63942 Javierjohnathan 1 2013-03-20 18:40 170 Windows 7
Question I need JQuery plug-in for 360 image rotation Hi guys.  I'm trying to make a 3D interactive Flash website.  Where can I find JQuery plug-in for 360 image rotation in Flash player 63944 Hannahwtc 1 2013-04-06 17:16 139 Web Graphics