Your Java virtual machine (JRE) is not supported

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Hi all,

When I try to open an application in Java, I ended up with an error message. It says there is an invalid architecture. For your information, I have Windows Vista, 64 bit and 250 GB hard disk. So I cannot run this program in the current configuration, please help to resolve this error. Your help is great. Thanks.

Your Java virtual machine (JRE) is not supported.

Reason: your JRE architecture is: 64 bits.

Required JRE architecture: 32 (x86) bits.

Please uninstall your current Java JRE, then re-download and install java JRE for 32 bits (x86).

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Your Java virtual machine (JRE) is not supported



JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is such a program that supports programs to run perfectly developed with Java language. JRE is available on both system: x86 and x64. But there is some trouble with x64 OS.

In Windows x64, both OS are present: x86 and x64. So, in order to enjoy Java programs, both x86 and x64 JRE are needed.

Just download and install the latest JRE of Windows x86 and x64. Then, launch your application once again. This will definitely run without any error.

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