You cannot load TextFX twice

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I just installed TextFX v5.9.5 because it was requested every time when I opened Notepad++. After installing this error appeared and I don’t know why it says that I have it twice. If I uninstall TextFX I need to install it again. Can anyone help me please with this ? What is the best solution to fix this ?

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You can’t load TextFX twice. Please delete the extra DLL in your Notepad++ plugins folder.

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You cannot load TextFX twice


TextFX is a plug-in for Notepad++. This plug-in as well as other plug-ins for Notepad++ doesn’t come pre-installed with the application. It is downloaded and installed separately. When installing plug-ins for Notepad++, make sure it is compatible with the program because Notepad++ will not work and will show an error in case there is a problem with the plug-in.

To make sure the TextFX plug-in is installed properly without any DLL duplicates, uninstall this plug-in. After that, open Windows Explorer then go to “C:Notepad++plugins”. If there are still other Notepad++ plug-ins installed, you should see different DLL files inside. Try finding the DLL file “NPPTextFX.dll” if it is still present in that folder. Because the TextFX plug-in is already removed, you shouldn’t see this file in the folder.

But if “NPPTextFX.dll” is still present in that folder, delete it. This is the duplicate that Notepad++ is complaining about. Deleting this file should fix the problem. After removing the file, install the TextFX plug-in back and Notepad++ should be running normally again.

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