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Has anyone tried the Yahoo! Axis browser using iPad? Is it good? I wonder if flash player works with this browser and if it works well with reading articles.

Thank you!

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I haven't tried it too but I heard that what sets it apart is that it allows the users to search instantly without leaving their opened page. And unlike other search engines they Axis provides a visual preview of the results so it would be easier for you to see what is inside the webpage results even before opening it. Then that is a real time -saver! Yep, Axis works with Adobe flash player 11.1. Hope this helps.

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Dear Friend,

Yahoo Axis Browser (See below image) works on iPad 2 and iPad 3 and not on iPad 1.

You can search very easily and faster because browser starts searching web pages as you type.

It leaves snapshots of web pages and search results without even leaving the page.

Yahoo Axis 1.1.4 is even faster and updated version of apple products.

Yahoo Axis Browser