XcopyFile copying error (Error code: 0x80070003)

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Copy files to a backup folder using XcopyFile, an error code (0x80070003 – The file specified is not found by the system).  With the following characters in their filename, I get the error messages occurring. Would appreciated any help. Hotfix for Windows 2000 install and Install Shield 2012 are what we are using.


Thank you.

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XcopyFile copying error (Error code: 0x80070003)


Hi Gran,

Perhaps the data cable going to the main board to the drive is having issues or perhaps the controller on the main board itself.  Just check your system maker.  Or maybe some missing files on update.  You can fix  the error 0x80070003  by downloading microsoftfixit50202.msi  and you can go to this link http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/default.aspx or you can do it yourself:

1.  Start and  then go to run, type services msc. and then click OK

2. Automatic update> stop and then minimize the service snap-in

3. Start and then run and the type cmd and click OK

4. Then type cd%windir% and then ENTER

5.  Then type Ren SoftwareDistribution Sdtemp and then Enter

6. And then type exit and then enter

7.  Maximize the service snap-in and then click automatic update

8.   And then Start  and then close service snap in

9 . Visit the Microsoft Windows or Wsus program server and download update

10.  See if the error is gone

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