Wrong Date and Time on iPhone5

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Hello! I recently started using IPhone 5 buy the experience has not been very good. One of the biggest problem is the wrong time and date. Initially I set the correct time and date according to my own country but whenever I switch off my phone and turn it on again it shows wrong date and wrong time. What could be the reason? Thanks in advance!

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Wrong Date and Time on iPhone5




There are many ways to solve this problem of your “iphone”. To solve your problem, you have to follow these few steps:

· Firstly, go to the “Date and Time” settings and simply turning “Set Automatically” option of your mobile phone to “OFF” and after a few seconds turn it back “ON”.

· After the previous step you follow, go to “Utilities > Clock” option of your phone.

· Remove the “World Clocks” from that and then switch your phone “Off” and “On” again after 2-3 seconds.

· After this, reboot your phone by holding down the “Home” and “On/Off” button at the same time.


If the previous step does not work, then try these steps:


·   Firstly, go to “Settings” option of your mobile phone, then go to “General” options and after that go to the “Date & Time” option.

·   After that, turn the “Set Automatically” option to “OFF”.

·   Then, plug your mobile phone into the computer and sync it by using “iTunes” software.

·   After that, go back to the “Date & Time” options page in your “iTunes” software and switch the “Set Automatically” option back to “ON”.


  Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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