The Witcher 2 is not connecting

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Hi all,

Today, I bought a game called “witcher 2”.  It seems ok to install until to the point I have to install the patch downloader, the whole computer slows down and eventually it says it can´t find a connection even though I am definitely connected.  Please help me! Cheers.

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The Witcher 2 is not connecting


From the way you said it, you bought the non-steam version of The Witcher 2 because you have mentioned that you were asked to install the patch downloader. With Steam, you never have to search for patches as it is all done automatically. Plus, Steam provides you with updates.

However, since yours is a non-steam version, you did mention if you failed to install or you encountered problems too during your installation. Anyways, if you haven’t really installed it properly and feel like re-installing it again would make it run smoothly, try launching the game thru a file called witcher2.exe  ( and not from the launcher) which can be found in the directory in you program files under /bin subfolder.

As for your internet connection concerns, if the error reads “No proper connection could be made with the activation server” which means you cannot activate your game, you have to generate an unlock code and activate you game thru this site: SecuROM™ PA Manual Unlock Website.

Your computer slowing down could be a sign of a low graphic card.  And also, check if a browser or any other internet activity is running whilst installing the game as it could slow down the speed of your internet, affect your patch download and installation.

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