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Author: Mathew Jose
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I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my laptop. It Worked Fine However now has begun to give problems.  It is within the company guarantee but the OS is not covered.

Each time I try Starting the computer It displays the Intel Screen and then it goes BAM.. Keeps repeating the same process again and again. I am confused with regard to what is wrong. The service center guys tell me that Software damage is not covered.

Help needed .


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I was also facing the same problem with my Windows but I have solved this problem by repairing it from its original CD.  There may be some problem with the BIOS of your system, for this go to the BIOS and press ALT+D and check whether your all drivers are up to date or not.  If your system drivers are not up to date then update it properly and you will see that your system windows will work smoothly and properly.  After the updating of drivers your system will restart automatically and it will work properly after it.  For this simple method you can save your money and time both.  I am going to share a snapshot of Windows repairing process, I hope it will help you a lot.

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  • Matthew Jose the problem here might be that the Windows O/S that you are using was not fully registered or is expired. The best solution here is uninstall the software and try rebooting with the Windows 7 ultimate CD. You will need to put the CD on booting and press F8 button to give the setup.
  • Select 'Repair' and wait for the process to go on until it finishes. A window will be displayed as follows;

This you will need to wait until the process ends then you may reboot your computer.