Blue screen, frequent restart of my computer running Windows 7

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I am using my computer since 2013 and it was running fine. I used to play a lot of games and do a lot of browsing also. I have got a two GB RAM and a good NVIDIA graphics card. Couple of days ago I installed 'Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City' and I played it also. But today when I play this game for more than 30 or 45 minutes then a blue screen appears showing something like "0000101000×01111" then after a second or two the computer restarts. Please help me!

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Blue screen, frequent restart of my computer running Windows 7


Hello Julius!

“Beginning dump of physical memory…”

I believe this is also one of the message you saw in your computer screen. This is usually a fault of system failure or hardware problem. In your case, you mentioned that you’re playing games, this is one of the reason why your system showed blue screen of death (BSOD).

Here are the possible ways to make your system run smoothly and to avoid this from happening again.

1.  Restart or reboot your computer. A proper refresh of your computer will reset everything and perform system check that will correct your system and hardware issue.

2.  Do a system restore in your computer. It is best for us to roll back or to bring back our systems known-good working status to previous so that we can make it sure that our hardware and software are all calibrated.

>>> Open System restore by going to “Start” button. In the textbox (empty box) type “System Restore.” Select system restore in the results that will be posted in the screen. You can easily follow the steps on how to do a system restore.

3.  Install and upgrade your hardware and software to avoid any problems like this. Upgrading your systems hardware and software will help your system to calibrate everything in its better part.

To install or upgrade your hardware follow the instructions bellow.

>>> Right-click “My Computer/Computer” >>> look for “Manage” a new window will appear “Computer Management.”

>>> Select “Device Manager” and in the main window select “Display Adapters,” drop down options by clicking the “Arrow” symbol before the adapter. Right click and select “Update Driver Software.”

4.  Always remember that every time you install hardware or any software, give allowance to your system and do not over-use the systems capabilities. Why? If you’re going to install a game that is best for 1GB of RAM at least make it sure you’re using 2GB of RAM. The extra RAM will serve as your extra room to perform the overloading of your system and to avoid failures.

5.  The last and the most unfortunate option is to reinstall your operating system. This is always your last resort. Do first the above mentioned options before going to your last option.

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