Windows won’t play media files

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Dear friends

I have recently installed windows media player to listen to my music files but unfortunately it is not working properly.

The music videos appear on the screen without any sound.

I tried to adjust the sound by using the sound icon in the task bar, but the green equalizers were not there.

I get the following error when I start using the player:

Media changing

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a

problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device

installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program,

or it might not functioning properly.

                    Close              Web Help

I am using the Realtek HD audio. Please see the attached screenshots

This device is working properly Failed to test tone



Failed to play test tone

The speakers are working perfectly fine. I also tried to fix it up by uninstalling and then reinstalling the driver but still the same problem was seen.

Can anyone please tell me what am I missing? Does it has something to do with my audio device?

Your comments are awaited.

Thanking you loads



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Windows won’t play media files


Hello Ellen,

From the information you have posted above, it seems like the sound configurations on your computer are perfectly fine.

So that leaves the possible cause of the problem to be the windows media player itself. Here are the things you should try to do to solve the problem:

Method 1:

Exit all other programs on your computer that are using the sound device and then  try playing the file using windows media player again.

Method 2:

Go to the device manager as you did in the screenshots above and update the sound driver. After the update is complete try playing the file again.

Method 3:

If you have alternative media players on your computer, try playing the file using them. If you do not have the alternative media players yet then you might need to install some. I will recommend the VLC media player and MPC Star.



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Windows won’t play media files


First, you should check the format. What type of file do you want to play with  windows media player.

It’s the main fact. Some different types of file create that kind of issue.

They won’t play. If your media player doesn’t work then you can follow these steps-

1. Go to Microsoft official website to get the solution here

2. You can setup your windows again to get the proper advantages.

3. Install motherboard CD correctly.

Hope, that will work for you.

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