Windows Vista System Restore Error

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I have an error message with System restore-And Windows Update says updates have never been installed-when they have been. What could be the problem?

I am having an issue in one of my Windows 7 laptop. I move into to Program Recover to get rid of some old reestablish details by transforming it off then on once again. When you convert Program Recover on or off, a first Windows starts and also the second one. Then to convert it on or off you choose convert Program Recover on or off, then press utilize and then press OK.. And then you get the primary Windows you started out and press OK to utilize establishing.

But the issue I have obtaining is when trying to convert program recover on or off, I received concept stated "can not verify timetable data for the pursuing purpose: Cannot generate a data when that data presently prevails(OX800700B7)." This occurs right after I press utilize.

But If I press OK, I receive one more concept stated "there is an unanticipated in the home or home web page. Cannot make a data If that data presently prevails "OX800700B7". Please near home or home web page and attempt once more, OK.

Now each time I want to convert the program recover on or off and I have to choose convert on or off. And after I press utilize, and then OK I need to choose the end, to avoid the concept other prudent Windows should not let me near the windows in the program to re-establish. Then after that I press OK in the first establishing windows that start and I can still convert Program re-establish on or off like that.

And I need to examined program re-establish to see if it operates. And I can still recover my PC to a previously time. Still operates but today I still receiving the concept I informed you before.

As I moved to windows update it stated updates have never been set up on my system, where they  came from. It looks a mistake on my laptop has damaged. My update historical previous of the last six several weeks. But when I did a look at for updates after discovering that bring up to date concept it set up several updates on me.

There was an unexpected error in the property page:

Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (0x80070087)

Please close the property page and try again.


Last night I set up Enthusiasm windows Stay Picture Collection for Enthusiasm windows XP not Enthusiasm windows are living 2011. But Enthusiasm windows Stay 2009 for Enthusiasm windows XP is for all variations of Enthusiasm windows and for Enthusiasm windows 7. I download it from the Enthusiasm website by the way.

But I had nothing but problems with Enthusiasm windows Stay Picture Collection. It froze on my PC and so I removed it. And every since then I have had this issue with the system recover on my PC. Enthusiasm windows Picture gallery come with Enthusiasm windows are living synchronization and a lot of other software incorporated into it when you remove. I assume that could be the issue, that is creating the issue I have received now with the concept. Which I do not know how to resolve.

Now I obtaining this trouble with my personal computer, the program not saved the concept and my update background are removed from Windows update?

What was the issue? And will it be repaired without re-installing Windows?

I published some pictures from my PC of the emails and the concept from Windows bring up to date.

Now what are the issue?

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Windows Vista System Restore Error


There is a fix from microsoft to solve this problem. Other than that, please follow the below mentioned steps in order to proceed and solve the issue.

  1. Create a new restore point at any other place except for the place where the old restore point exist. Restart the system and set the new restore point and try to restore your system at the new point.
  2. If you are not able to do the first step, then you can launch the repair utility by inserting the Windows Vista DVD from which you installed the windows. It will automatically fix any bugs in your system if there is any.
  3. If you are still unable to do it, then it is time to do the lengthy process of formatting the windows and reinstalling it again.


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Windows Vista System Restore Error


To fix this, follow the following solutions below. Remember to back up your system in case of anything:

1. Launch regedit.exe and navigate to the following:

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionScheduleTaskCacheTreeMicrosoftWindowsSystemRestoreSR

2. Search for the "ID" string and note down all the information. You will need it later.

3. Export the following and then delete the SystemRestore key listed below:

4. Go to the following key and search for the "ID" key.

5. Export and delete the keys from the noted "ID" string on Step 2.

6. Launch the elevated Command Prompt and go to the folder %windir%System32TasksMicrosoftWindowsSystemRestore.

7. Remove the folder with filename SR.

8. Reboot your computer and then go to the System Restore and create a Restore Point.


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