Windows Problem and wiping the hard drive

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My computer got a virus. I ran program and deleted the infected items. When I restarted the computer I got a message that said- windows rootssystem 32hal.dll was missing or corrupt and I needed to reinstall. I do not have the Windows XP disk and I don't know if I need to wipe the hard drive completely before I try and reinstall Windows to make sure the virus is gone. It will not load at all. As soon as I turn on the computer I get the error message.

Any help would be appreciated.

I need to know how to wipe hard drive if necessary and how to reload Windows.

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Windows Problem and wiping the hard drive


If you want to resolve this issue you need to have Windows XP CD to run the recovery console to fix the missing dll's. If you do this way there is only 50-50 chance to resolve this issue. The other way is if you have partitions in your system try to run any Linux live CD.

Download the DLL from the above link and put this into your pen drive. Run the live Linux OS and once you have your OS up and running. Insert the pen drive copy those DLL files and replace in windowssystem32 folder. Then reboot your system. remove the live cd and let windows load. I think this will work if every thing goes well.

Third option if above doesn't work format and re-install the OS.

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Windows Problem and wiping the hard drive


Hello, I have read your query.

You are encountering this error because hal.dll have been corrupted, deleted or moved from its original location. On the other hand, boot.ini may have been missing or damaged. A damaged hard drive may also be the reason of this. To rectify this error please follow these steps:

  • Chances are you received this error accidentally, so try restarting your computer. It may resolve the error.
  • Make sure if you have correct boot order for devices in BIOS.
  • You can try restoring your Windows XP installation with the help of Command Prompt. For this boot your PC in Safe Mode when Windows Splash Screen appears, by pressing F8. Then type C:windowssystem32restorerstrui.exe in Command Prompt and follow onscreen instruction to restore system. Chances are you will not encounter this problem again.
  • Try repairing or reinstalling boot.ini. This may resolve this error.
  • Try recovering data from bad sectors of hard drive if there are any. It may resolve this problem.

I hope it helped

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