Which Top 10 Languages For Software Development Should I Consider Learning?

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I am a first-year B.Tech student. I would like to know about the top 10 languages for software development that will help me to land a good job.

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Which Top 10 Languages For Software Development Should I Consider Learning?


You will not be able to learn ten programming languages. You should focus on one programming language to work on (SQL is mandatory) and have basic knowledge about the languages taught in the curriculum. To answer your question, these are the top 10 languages for software development.

a. Python

With thousands of in-built packages to work on data, Python has become the favorite language to work on. You can write two lines of code in Python for ten lines of code in other languages. But, you cannot use it for mobile app development.

b. Java

Java is nothing less than Python. You can use it for data analysis, web development, APIs, networking, as well as Mobile app development.

c. JavaScript

The use of the Internet increases the use of Websites and, most importantly, interactive websites. JavaScript is the pick of all the Web Developers around the globe.

d. C#

Mostly used for Windows Application development, but in high demand.

e. R

It can run on different OS easily and is a preferred programming language to analyze statistical data

f. Swift

Mainly used to create iOS apps. It is easy to learn as it is mostly like English.

g. C++

A language that is used mainly for developing games, virtual reality, graphics, etc. Many big firms hire C++ developers.

h. C

One of the oldest programming language that was used to create other programming languages. The language that you learn when you start programming.

i. PHP

Used to connect back-end to front-end. People are moving away from PHP, but it is easy to learn and still in use.

j. SQL

This is the language that you have to learn. Anywhere you go, SQL is used to deal with Databases.

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