Windows phone 8 upgrades for Windows Phone 7

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What would be the additional features and capabilities that Windows Phone 8 can offer to compete with Android technology?

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Windows phone 8 upgrades for Windows Phone 7


Hi Carol f Hughes,

 Here I am listing features that give upper hand to windows over android

Features of windows for business:

1. Redesigned Office hub

2. Voice notes

3. Smart Screen Filter

4. Improved Skype client

5. Improved multitasking

6. Phone wiping safeguards

7. New Windows Phone client for PCs/Macs

I think these are enough to get preferred over android.

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Windows phone 8 upgrades for Windows Phone 7



Windows release windows phone 8 with a different platform which they call "Apollo" . In the past windows phone's resolution, and pixel are weak compare with iPhone and Android. But the new platform improves its display resolution and pixel count.
Another feature is that windows phone 8 can be connected with your laptop, tablets, and other phone making it synchronized with one another and share content. Another feature is that windows phone is excellent in multi-tasking phone compare to Android, it is well evident with the new windows 8, because that is where they based windows phone 8.
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Windows phone 8 upgrades for Windows Phone 7


Windows Phone 8 is running on the latest Smartphone operating system developed by Microsoft, the Windows Mobile 8 which most of its codes are actually based on Windows 8.

The Windows Mobile 8 already supports HTML5, complete with malware blocking, and also includes Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.

This version of Windows Mobile is different from the previous versions. In Windows Phone 7 for example, the operating system running it can’t support or handle even a dual-core processor but here in Windows Mobile 8 it is already capable of handling multi-core processors.

The Windows Mobile 8 has a new Start screen although it still has the metro tiles which are now customizable.

This new version now supports new screen resolutions like:

  • 800 x 480
  • 1280 x 768
  • 1280 x 720

It has a lightning fast browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and with this you can expect better apps experience together with Skype, VoIP, NFC [Near Field Communication], and Wallet Hub.

If you want to see the complete details on Windows Mobile 8, you may visit Features of Windows Mobile 8.

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