Windows Networking problem to set -up printer?

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In my office we have two PCs.One PC is Windows XP and another PC is Windows Vista.

Now, how can I setup two PC's in one printer thought LAN card? Actually two PCs networking setup seems very difficult to me.

Please help me to easily setup the networking system?

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Windows Networking problem to set -up printer?


There are three ways to connect a printer to multiple computers. I will explain all of them.

FIRST WAY: This is the cheapest and the easiest way to connect a printer to multiple computers. Simply plug the printer in one of the computers and set it up as shared printer over the network.  It requires that the computer, to which the printer is connected be switched on, for the other computer to access the printer.

Second Way: The 2nd way is to buy a, printer change over switch. The computers are connected to the input terminals of the switch, while the printer is connected to the output of the switch. The switch automatically switches between the computers, so that the computers are independent of each other.

Third Way: Third way is perhaps the most expensive of all, but it is most reliable. In this you have to buy a printer server, plug the printer in the printer server and the Ethernet connection from the print server into a spare port on your router and set up the printer as a network printer on each computer. Hope this helps.

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Windows Networking problem to set -up printer?


The easiest way to set-up your LAN, since you have only two computers and one printer to be shared with is :

Connect your computer in Peer to peer network connection. All you need to do is,  buy or construct a cross-link cable, then connect the cable to both of your computers. Give or assign an IP for your computer ; then share your network. Assigning IP and sharing printer instructions are both available on this site, just search for it.

If networking is not important to your set-up, you can purchase a data switch. Data switch to share one printer to different computers. I think you can share up to 4 computers for just one printer. This set-up doesn’t require network connections and configuration.

You just need to plug your computers on the data switch terminals and your printer on the output terminal of the data switch. It is more likely you are plug-in your printer to your computer.

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Windows Networking problem to set -up printer?


Hi good day

To set up printer sharing, try to follow these steps.

  • Use UTP cable wire connector, and then connect into the Ethernet card.
  • On the computer windows Vista, right click on the My Computer icon >> properties >> click Computer Name tab, and then find Workgroup name.
  • Then on the windows XP, right click on My Computer icon >> Properties >>> Computer Name >>> then name of the workgroup.


On the windows Vista the workgroup name isLOGICBYTE.

In the Windows XP also is LOGICBYTE.

  • Connect the printer to the computer ; click start menu >> settings >> find the printer that you use.
  • Right click on the printer icon. Click sharing ; then find, “ if you understand the security risk but want to share printers without running the wizard, click here”  just click in this paragraph.
  • In the Enable Printer Sharing ; click on the circle “ just enable printer sharing >>> OK >>
  • Then find and click Share this Printer>>> Apply>>OK
  • Go to the second computer using windows XP >>> click start menu >> settings >> find printer>>> on the Printer tasks click add a printer >>> Next >> click on “A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer” >> Next >>> in the, “Browse for Printer” click next>>> then “Browse for Printer showed” find “Shared Printers” then the WORKGROUP NAME that you used >>> double click on it >> and the name of the printer will be shown.
  • Select it ; Next >>> Next >>> Finish…

Thank you and hope it helps.

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Windows Networking problem to set -up printer?


Windows XP and Windows Vista operating system are almost the same, in terms of networking.  We have two options with that.

First is PC to PC using UTP cable and the second and easy one is, if  you have a switch hub you can easily setup the networking and easily share your printer.

In on PC set up or install the printer, then share.  You will find that in printer and faxes ; then right click ; then go to  properties and then click sharing ;  then click option, share this printer.

On the other PC follow the same procedure but you will click add printer.  Just follow the steps, then click  a network printer or a printer attached  to another computer ;   after clicking next  you will have the name of the group and just click ; if you will see the printer which is shared, just click and click next until it comes to finish.

That's it. Try to do this.

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