Windows media player error when connecting to the server

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I am getting an error message in Windows media player when I am accessing it online. It works well and good when I try to play a file locally. However, I am getting this for online one. I tried to reinstall it several times but still I am getting this error message. Please help me to resolve this error. Thanks.

Windows media player

Windows Media Player encountered & error when connecting to the server. The security information from the server could not be validated.


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Windows media player error when connecting to the server


First try to find out which version of Microsoft Windows is installed in your computer. Then try to re-install this or upgrade it with the latest version. Try the following steps:


1.   Try to restart your computer ; as by doing this the internal memory often clears and try to fixes some issues.

2.   Install the security patches by running windows update which will protect your computer.

3.   Lower the hardware acceleration of your Windows Operating System as this helps to check the speed of software application that is installed  e.g. an advanced computer game or a graphics program.

4.   Or, go to Windows Media player —- then click ‘Organise’.

  •  Go to ‘Options’— press ‘Network’ tab.
  •  Check your settings under ‘Streaming proxy settings’.

7.   If none of the above works then you can go for VLC player in place of your Windows Media Player, which will run properly.

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