Windows Installer Error for Microsoft Office 2003

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Hi TechyV!

I am trying to install  Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2 on my computer and got this error message. I have checked the requirements, and so far I don't see what's causing the error. My current installer is Windows Installer 3.0

(I recently upgraded from Windows Installer 2.0) and I don't think this is the trouble.

Please give suggestions on how to resolve this error.

Thank you! 

Windows Installer

The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to

 be upgrade may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program.

Verify that the program to be upgrade exits on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.


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Windows Installer Error for Microsoft Office 2003



Firstly one thing I want to tell you about this in which condition it cannot be occur when you install Office 2003 SP2 with Windows Installer 3.0 installed, but you do not have Office 2003 SP1 installed. So for your issue you can use following two methods, First one is you must be install windows 3.1 redistributable (v2).

You can get it from this link by downloading. (Download the Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable (v2) package now)..

The second method to resolve your problem is, install the full file version of Office 2003 SP2, the way of getting it is, Download the Office 2003 SP2 full-file version package now.  

This link is located at the bottom of the Microsoft Download Center Web page.

These files are stored on security-enhanced servers which can help to prevent any unauthorized changes in the files.

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Windows Installer Error for Microsoft Office 2003


It seems that you have a different program or it is corrupted.

Solution 1: Make sure that you really are upgrading something and look at the software carefully. It seems that it is not installing a fresh copy of Microsoft Office but rather upgrading it. So what you need to do is buy a Microsoft Office installer the genuine ones. You can also go directly to 2007 version because 2003 might be phased out already.

Solution 2: If you are really upgrading, then download the upgrade file once again and then run it in your computer. See if the file works and if not do the said procedure above it might be the best thing to do.

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Windows Installer Error for Microsoft Office 2003


I think you may have installed the Service Pack incorrectly. If you are trying to install Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2, make sure Microsoft Office 2003 is already installed on your computer. The program you are trying to install is just a Service Pack and not the complete application. A Service Pack is just an update or a patch to an already existing application.

It is not a complete package that’s why you cannot install it independently. The target application must be present on the computer to install it. If you don’t have Microsoft Office 2003, you need to install it first prior to installing Service Pack 2 or any other Service Packs.

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