Windows 8.1 top 10 features

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Windows 8.1 top 10 features, heard its going to be released next month. What can we expect?

Exited to see the new features.


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Windows 8.1 top 10 features


Windows 8.1 has many new features and plenty of updates. Below are my pick for top ten.


  1. The start button has been returned. After being removed with the rolling out of windows 8 it has been brought back
  2.  You can toggle between the usual desktop view that has always been their or the App view introduced with the previous version.
  3. Upgraded bing search system which has now been integrated with the operating system.
  4.  Its web browser internet explorer has been improved in terms of security features and how it handles tabs.
  5. Support for smaller tablets has been included
  6. A better and inclusive integration with sky drive.
  7. Multiple images from storage can now be used when lock screen is showing. You can also take photos without unlocking the screen.
  8. Windows store has been revamped and redesigned
  9. A more user friendly user interface for Xbox music.
  10. The modern settings page has been vastly improved thus no need for going back to the traditional desktop control panel to change settings. 
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Windows 8.1 top 10 features


Windows is going to release the windows 8.1.The top ten features are as follows

1) Closing  of the application can be done easily 

   There is no small close button here.Instead you have to swipe from top to the bottom of the screen



2) Greater wireless support

Support NFC print setup,wireless printing and better support for wireless display

3) 3D printing support  

4) Extensive SkyDrive integration

  SkyDrive will be integrated right into windows explorer so that accessing the SkyDrive documents from the desktop is      more easy

5) Good privacy management

    If you don't like the idea of an advertiser tracking your online moves,you can decide how much  information Microsoft


6) Swipe left or right to see your open windows

7) See shortcuts on the onscreen keyboard

8) Snap views and better multi monitor

Users can run multiple apps in the foreground with snap

9) Refreshed Xbox  Music

It allows users to stream over 30 million tracks for free

10) The start button returns

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