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On 12-04-2012 Splashtop Inc. enabled Win8 Metro Testbed on iPad so I am wondering how will this benefit developers?

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It's very interesting for developers that Splashtop Inc. enabled Win8 Metro Testbed on iPad.

Also, benefit can take place on general. With this new apps, you can able to turn your iPad into a virtual desktop. For doing this just have to follow this process-

1. Run the apps on your iPad.

2. And now create a connection to windows 8 PC.

3. Then you must be dazzled at how it looks like.

It scans all your local networks with it's win8's session popped out and many more. It's given a developer really an experience which he only had a PC, not a tablet. So isn't it interesting?

Not only for entertainment, now iPad is capable to doing any kind of a serious task like web designing or hosting or programming anything interesting. So with this new apps developer and programmers both are more benefited.

That means, apple and iPad keeps it domination today and so tomorrow longer.

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