Windows 8 best 10 APP’s for Kids

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My son uses my Windows 8 laptop and i wanted the top 10 things Kids would like

Not just Games rather anything good for kids below 10 years

Windows 8 best 10 APP's for Kids

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Windows 8 best 10 APP’s for Kids


As gadget users become younger and younger, a lot of applications are also being released every now and then. For kids in general, educational applications would be the best bet. I would recommend these 10 apps for you to try with your son.

1. BrainPOP. Animated videos from a variety of topics are available. There is also an interactive quiz to check your knowledge.

2. Edjing. It is a social DJ app.

3. Blio. It is a full-featured e-Reader where you can find lots of children’s books.

4. Didlr. Didlr lets your child draw and improve their creativity. They can also share their creations.

5. Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Great Gateway Grab. Play and learn math.

6. GeoGebra. Interactive mathematics learning for all levels.

7. Little Piano Master. Learn and have fun with music.

8. Back in Time. A very graphic history lesson about the Universe.

9. FLIP. It’s a flash card quizzing program

10. Animal Planet

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Windows 8 best 10 APP’s for Kids



Here are more apps for windows 8 for your kids to try out –

  • Kid's Song Machine – This app will produce cute rhymes songs, pictures and interactivity.
  • Pre-school games – This is a very funny and interesting app which will be love by your kid. In each level it has different set of skills required. Matching cards, what's missing, mazes, puzzles, finding image differences and much more.
  • Paint 4 kids – Many paint apps are there for kid. But this one's cheery and pretty easy to use.

Hope these helps you!

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